Content Writing Tips for Plumbing SEO

I’m sure it sometimes feels like we’re beating a dead horse with all our talk about the importance of quality content for search engine optimization. But considering the impact of meaningful, deep website content when it comes to search engine rankings, it’s a topic I’m willing to wear out. Internet marketing is an area where we know a lot of professional plumbers feel overwhelmed and sometimes altogether disinterested. The fantastic news for a busy plumbing business like yours is that you can hire a whole team of SEO professionals to manage content writing, allowing you to focus on what you do best (plumbing)!

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The Right Way to Do Content Writing for Organic SEO

But First, The Wrong Way to Do Content Writing

I was recently doing some online research for an article that I was drafting, and I came across a post that started out great. It was addressing my inquiry and providing some good data. And then, it sort of morphed into absolute gibberish. Formerly coherent sentences were interrupted by phrases (linked, of course) that weren’t even sort of aligned with the train of thought. It reminded me of that episode of “Friends” in which Joey tries to sound smart by using a Thesaurus to translate every single word of a letter. (If you missed that one, the resulting letter was, as you can imagine, utter nonsense.)

Paragraph after paragraph, the once-promising post deteriorated into a mish-mash of text on the page. I couldn’t even salvage what I had gleaned from those initial paragraphs because the whole thing suddenly seemed unreliable. Or, to be frank, spam. It was spam.

Google Wants Quality Content for HUMANS

Spam no longer has a place on the internet for webmasters and business owners who want to leverage the internet to attract new clients and grow their company. The tactics I just mentioned are what we refer to as “Black Hat SEO,” and they have no place on a respectable page. Google doesn’t like them, and humans (like me) don’t know what in the world to make of that gibberish, which, ironically, is trying to trick search engines into pulling better rankings. We refuse to use this approach with our clients because we know that they don’t work. Since around 2012, the Google algorithms have changed to increasingly punish sites that show evidence of keyword stuffing, shady links and redirects, or any other backdoor means of trying to trick a search engine into a top spot.

If a person who would logically be searching for your plumbing services isn’t served by the content writing on your page, then your website is missing the mark.

Yes, there are many aspects of SEO and internet marketing that aren’t exactly user-facing per se. But at the end of the day, the quality of the content writing and the relevance of what is written will go very far in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. finding value in your page.

Don’t Make Content Writing for Plumbing Overly Technical

Yes, I said the content for your plumbing website should be deep and meaningful. But throwing in too much industry jargon may lose the layman when it comes to deciphering what is being said. I truly believe that those who demonstrate understanding the best are those who can explain something complex in a simple way.

Do not hear that you should talk down to your site viewers. That misunderstanding could result in thin content or, worse, condescending tone. If you’re conveying something relevant, just think about how you speak to clients in real life about their plumbing issues. It’s exactly the same! (Just with better grammar. We hope.)

Content Quote for Plumbers

This is where having a delegated content writing team for your website can be highly beneficial. There is inherently a gap in my ability, for example, to get overly-technical because I wouldn’t know they first thing to do with a burst pipe or a backed up toilet. (Except call the first plumber I can find on Google with a decent page!) I can, however, speak to folks like me who know what it’s like to need plumbing repairs, and who are relying on Google SERPs to find their match. Content writing for plumbing SEO should embody great information germaine to plumbing, as well as the right keywords and format to appeal to search engine quality guidelines.

When It Comes to Content Writing, Grammar Still Counts

You’re not exactly contributing to a scholarly journal with every press of the “Publish” button. But whether the plumbing content writing is for a webpage, social media post, or blog article, you should still put your best text forward. Copy that is sloppy and hard to read due to typos or faulty formatting will not provide a positive user experience. And this is bad news for you, because user experience is a factor for search rankings. If there is a high bounce rate from your Home Page, you could fall behind amongst your competitors.

However, if you publish insightful, enjoyable posts regularly, this means that viewers (i.e. potential customers) are more likely to spend longer on your site. Perhaps they peruse your blog posts for a bit, spend some time reviewing the photo gallery, or simply click throughout the main site pages to learn more about the plumbing repairs you offer. The longer that viewers spend on your site, the lower the bounce rate. This engagement signals to search engines like Google that you are providing a great plumbing website user experience, and you will see the rewards in increased rankings and better SERP positioning.

The Benefits of Hiring Content Writers for Plumbing SEO

You may have a very talented member of your team who you think can handle the content aspect of internet marketing for your plumbing company. But there is a host of benefits to hiring seasoned content writers who work for plumbers en masse. We derive significant benefits from the combined years of experience and lessons learned that will ultimately serve you exponentially better than an in-house resource, with all due respect.

Professional Content Writing Delivers:

  • Exceptional vocabulary and grammar utilization
  • Internal processes for optimizing every word and title on the page, including best keywords for plumbing
  • Oversight by editor(s) who can ensure error-free pages throughout your web presence
  • Scaled support to churn out content regularly, activity which boosts rankings
  • Up-to-date Best Practices for maximizing most current Google algorithm preferences

Find Your Voice for Plumbing Content Writing That Engages!

If you’ve never heard the term “your voice” when it comes to writing, it’s essentially how your personality is infused into your written words. A writer with a distinctive voice will have the ability to so infuse their prose with a style of their own, that you can tell who wrote it before even reading the byline. Now, I’m not suggesting you take a Creative Writing class in your spare time. (What spare time? Exactly.) But infusing an engaging voice into content writing about plumbing is a great way to differentiate your website in the market.

No offense, but plumbing repairs aren’t exactly sexy to talk about. Reading about, even less so. But if you embrace this, and if you offer up to viewers of your plumbing website content that is light, unique, and even entertaining, it could mean more traffic and more calls. And all of that equates to better search engine rankings, so it keeps paying off!

Knock, Knock Jokes Need Not Apply

I’m not suggesting you turn your social media websites into joke sites or start curating memes. There’s enough of that these days. Your plumbing company has a reputation to uphold, and so your content should absolutely reflect that. But can imagine the impact it would have on a potential client to actually see your face in a YouTube video, demonstrating a simple DIY plumbing repair? Or what if they read a blog post that made them laugh while espousing your fantastic online reviews? I guarantee that person is far more likely to pick up the phone, or at least follow your Facebook Business Page for future reference. This is how you develop a referral network that will serve you over and over again, and in turn, that you can serve with the awesome knowledge that resides in your head!

Write What You Know

The best advice for writers, time and time again, is: write what you know. No one expects your website to serve all of their home repair needs. But when it comes to plumbing services, your writing content should be the best out there (or, at least, the best in your area)! Take some time to see what others are doing, and find a way to do it better.

This will often mean delegating the content writing for plumbing SEO to a team of pros (like us). We know what performs well geographically, and we can infuse the personality and value that keeps a busy pro like yourself reading an article as long as this one. (You’ve made it to the end. Cheers!)