Off Page SEO Checklist for Plumbers

Off Page SEO Checklist for PlumbersAs a plumbing contractor who markets your services online, you may or may not be familiar with on page SEO. The term on page SEO refers to search optimization that takes place on your website itself. This includes practices like title, header, and meta optimization, as well as keyword placement, internal linking, and image optimization.

In addition to on page SEO, there is another aspect of SEO called off page SEO, or off site SEO. This method of search engine optimization takes place away from your website. While your website might still be the anchor for some cases in which off site optimization takes place, there will always be a 3rd party entity involved. Make note of the following off page SEO checklist for plumbers:

1. List Your Business

The first box to check is business directory listings, sometimes known as citation sources or NAP information. What you are accomplishing by claiming and optimizing your business on internet directories, is spreading visibility to a wider audience and scope. Some of the best directories on which to list your plumbing business are:

  • Better Business Bureau: Known as an authority on business ethics
  • Google My Business: Considered imperative for local SEO purposes
  • HomeAdvisor: A niche directory for home service providers
  • Yelp: a popular review website/directory often used to determine reputation

2. Earn Backlinks

One of the toughest but most important elements to off page SEO is backlinking. This refers to the process of earning inbound links from authority websites. Say for example, you were linked as #3 in a reputable article about the best plumbing services in the State. You would benefit greatly from that in terms of SEO. A few ways to earn backlinks are:

  • Create Great Content: By developing great pages, other sites are more likely to link to them
  • Guest Blogging: Offer to write a post for another blog which would ethically link to your site
  • Infographics: Fill your pages or posts with infographics like stats or charts that would encourage backlinks
  • Take Interview Requests. If you are asked to be interviewed by a local newspaper or blog, say yes

3. Review Management

Having a business means that occasionally customers will complain. This is true throughout the entire quality spectrum. The best plumbing company will still receive a few bad reviews now and again. As long as you’re doing a good enough job to earn mostly good reviews, handling the bad ones becomes rather simple. Plumbers should:

  • Generate More Reviews: Keep reviews coming in from multiple sources (ethically) so that good ones drown out bad ones
  • Publication Prevention: If you know you have an unhappy customer,attempt to resolve the dispute offline before they take it to a review site
  • Respond Professionally: Respond to all negative reviews in a professional manner that attempts to resolve the issue
  • Stay the Course: Don’t let one bad review discourage your review generation process, keep doing what you’ve been doing

4. Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have their own elements of SEO, not to mention the social signals they send to Google to help determine local ranking. In fact, MOZ lists social signals as 2017 Local Ranking Factor. The key to a strong social media presence is quality and consistency. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

  • Blog Sharing: Share your regularly scheduled blog posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Customer Interaction: Encourage mentions of your brand by interacting with customers
  • Use Images: Studies suggest posts with images receive far more engagement
  • Use Videos: Like images, posts with videos tend to receive more engagement

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