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Web Geek Cocky | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

As a plumbing contractor, you like to keep your business fairly simple. When a homeowner has a problem with their plumbing system, you explain to them what their options are and how much it will cost them. Web marketing agencies are not as humble.

The vast majority of them behave as if they are on a superior intellectual level to their client base. Just because they know more about search engine optimization does not make them a rocket scientist. Common logic still applies to SEO, just like it does with plumbing and any other kind of service industry. The arrogance of marketing companies in 2019 can be known as web geek cocky.

Marketing Companies vs. The Common Man

It’s part of their schtick to be arrogant. It’s almost like a defensive mechanism. They understand that the work they are doing is nothing special, and so they have to oversell it to make it seem more valuable. You might think that using big words that don’t really mean anything will not impress a plumber or any business owner, for that matter. But people can be swayed by the illusion of expertise.

When marketers appear as if they possess rare knowledge, they are sometimes able to convince a client to buy in. It’s not the fault of the client if they fall for the trick, but it is something that plumbers should be aware of when they are looking for help with website design or SEO.

Marketing is Not Rocket Science

Just like plumbers won’t act as if they are the only person on earth who can perform the service, SEO experts should follow suit. There’s a culture of talking down to clients, especially those who work in the home service industries.

These marketers try to pretend their work is unattainable by the common man. While web design and SEO do take specific skill sets at the end of the day, it is merely a service that a bunch of different companies can offer around the country.

Plumbers Need a Straight Shooter

In an age where plumbers are looked down upon by arrogant fools in the marketing industry, a straight shooter becomes a breath of fresh air. What if someone who could relate to your business challenges was also the person creating and implementing your marketing campaign?

That is the case with Plumbing Webmasters. Owners Nolen & John come from humble beginnings and were once home service providers themselves. They started their own web company after being talked down to with web geek cocky nonsense.

Identifying Web Geek Nonsense

If you are a plumber currently looking for SEO services, there are some red flags you should consider during your research. If a company starts speaking in an empty language (using words that don’t mean anything), you know you’re in trouble. This web geek is probably cocky.

They think they can trick the common man into overspending on services they don’t need. Many such marketers will get you involved in the shell trick scheme, where they take SEO money and use it on PPC. Steer clear of these egomaniacs.

They have done enough damage to the country already. Especially the common hard-working American who is the foundation of our economy.

Plumbing Webmasters: The Exception

Plumbers can relate to the owners here at Plumbing Webmasters because they lived the same experience. Having once been a home service provider company themselves, they transitioned to SEO work because they couldn’t find another company that wasn’t unpretentious.

It’s almost like shopping for a doctor. They are mostly arrogant people who think because they went to medical school that, they are God-like figures. The problem is even more absurd with web geeks, though, because the work is not dependent on a decade of high-level schooling.

At the end of the day, Plumbing Webmasters is a web marketing company run by relatable people. You can trust that our hundreds of clients are enjoying our professional-level design and SEO services without the web geek cocky.

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