Why Plumbers Need Blog Content in 2022

Plumbing websites with blogs generate 125% more traffic than those without blogs. While some marketing experts disagree on whether or not such traffic is worthwhile for plumbers, the statistics don’t lie. Yes, most blog traffic indeed comes from people unwilling to buy your services immediately, but such traffic provides extra benefits that can contribute to long-term growth. 

Once you understand why blog posts help your website generate more traffic, it’s time to create blog content. After all, a blog with thin content won’t produce enough value to warrant the projected traffic. So instead, what you’ll need is a series of plumbing blog topics to help populate your website. First, let’s take a closer look at why plumbing websites need blogs:


In the fast-paced internet landscape, customers want to know, “what have you done for me lately?” Blog content keeps up the activity on your website and finds new ways to engage visitors. As a marketing strategy, you want to provide quality content, but you also want people talking about it. 

Google crawls websites for new content, making the necessary indexing adjustments based on the latest information. In addition, regular blog posts let Google know that your website remains active and continues to be relevant.


Plumbing companies can think of search engine results pages (SERPs), like real estate, and indexed pages, like properties. Each blog post gives you a chance to claim properties on SERPs and thus increases your visibility. In addition, Click-through rates should increase due to well-written blog content, which Google will index for relevant searches. 

Another benefit of well-written blog posts is featured snippets. Google’s featured snippet results give blog posts a chance to rank for a search query in the question form. So, for example, if your blog post answers an essential question like how much are plumbing services in Newark?, it could be a candidate to show up on the quick answers section.

Social Media

A regular flow of blog content provides material to share on social media. Plumbing contractors might be asking: is that duplicate content? Sharing links via social media is not considered duplicate content but rather content sharing. So posting links to your blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will not hurt your SEO but will help create more brand awareness.

Rather than simply posting a link, consider adding additional text to your social media shares. Tell social networkers why they should bother clicking on your shared post. You don’t want your content to seem automated or spammy but personal and engaging.

Blog Writing Services for Plumbers

As a plumbing contractor and business owner, writing content for your website requires time you don’t have. The solution is hiring a blog writing company for plumbers like Plumbing Webmasters. We feature a team of in-house writers with years of experience writing plumbing-based content.

Don’t worry about grammar with our services, since our in-house editor monitors every piece of content written for your website. Additionally, our content fits your brand messaging and ensures readers view your company as professional and well-informed. We also over our DataPins plugin to help create user-generated content through map pins.