How To Brand Your Plumbing Company in 2021

Branding for Plumbers

There’s a big difference between a branded plumbing company and viewed more as a commodity. A commodity plumbing company is a company that someone calls in a plumbing emergency when they don’t know any good plumbers in the area. 

A branded plumbing company is the company someone calls in an emergency and the company that someone thinks of when they think of having plumbing work done some time down the line. 

The main difference is that someone might not call a commodity plumber in any situation other than an emergency. But how does branding for plumbers work? How do you build an established brand for your plumbing business? Here are some tips along with examples. 

What is Branding for Plumbers?

Branding for plumbers is a marketing concept aiming to develop a plumbing company’s perception as consumed by potential customers and the public. For example, a well-developed brand can reflect trustworthiness, popularity, and specialization.

Example of Branding on Plumbing Website

Managing Your Plumbing Brand’s Reputation

Trust is perhaps the most crucial commodity for building a brand. You want a name, logo, or slogan that everyone can recognize, sure. But more importantly, you want a reputation for quality work/service to go along with that logo, name, or slogan. 

The best way to build up your reputation in the digital age is through online reviews. Did you know that 56% of consumers read at least four online reviews before they make a purchasing decision on a product or service? It’s clear that your online reputation is an essential form of branding for plumbers, and here are some examples of how you can bolster and manage yours:

Be Present

The first step is to be present on as many review websites as possible. Some of the most prominent ones include Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, and Google My Business.

Ask for Reviews

Most people will leave a review after a job is done if asked. Don’t forget to request feedback from your customers both online and in person.

Respond to Reviews

These days, people expect a reply to business reviews. Over 68% of polled consumers say they expect responses within three days. Replying to reviews (good and bad) shows customers that you care about their experience and helps build trust. 

Getting Reviews is an Essential Part of Your Local SEO!

Immersing Your Brand in The Community

If at all possible, get involved with the community. Being present among the people you service (and want to service) is perhaps the best strategy for branding for plumbers. It goes hand-in-hand with building a good reputation but is more hands-on than review management. For example, you could:

Sponsor Local Sports – Plumbers all over the country use this tried-and-true method. Sponsoring little league sports in some capacity (uniforms, equipment, food, etc.) is a great way to make yourself known in the community and network with the people who would need your services. 

Local Charities

Some communities are built around shared beliefs. As a plumber, you can become involved and start building your brand by donating to popular charities in your area. 

Local Activity

Getting involved isn’t just about giving your money. A person’s time is just as valuable, if not more. You stand to make a great impression on your community members by being active in local activities. This could mean being on the PTA, school board, chambers of commerce, or simply participating in local leisurely activities. 

Crafting a Brand Persona

Now we’re getting into some existing branding. We mean that this step involves naming yourself or having your logo become synonymous with something that resonates with the members of your community. 

We’re not suggesting you try to portray yourself as something you’re not. But highlighting a commonality you have with the local market can go a long way in branding plumbers. Here are some examples of what we mean:

The Metro Plumber

If you operate in a densely populated metropolitan area, become the “Big City Plumber.” Let people know through your business name, logo, or slogan that you understand what it takes to deliver premium plumbing service in a hectic, fast-paced environment. 

The Religious Plumber

You can build entire customer bases on shared beliefs. Some plumbers opt to share their faith through their brand. Consider including a religious symbol in your logo, a bible verse in your slogan, or a spiritual reference in your business name. 

The Athletic Plumber

Oklahoma is a big college football state. They’re passionate about their teams, and some contractors in the area have taken advantage of this by using popular team colors in their logo or otherwise referencing sports teams. If you live in a big sports town, consider taking the “local team” approach to branding. 

Establishing Brand Values

If none of the above are an option for you, there’s no need to worry. Many companies rely on nothing more than the merits of their service to build a solid brand. Think about what you are good at or what your company does that no other plumbing company does. Consider what you bring to the table for the customer or what makes you stand out from the competition. Here are some examples:


Do you pride yourself on responsive service? Highlight this fact in your branding. If consumers need to fix their plumbing services fast, you will be the brand to call every single time.


If you specialize in cosmetic plumbing services, consider touting yourself as the plumber that can make kitchens and bathrooms glamorous. A fancy font, regal colors, and an elegant-sounding name can convey to the customer that you do beautiful plumbing work. 


Some plumbers hang their hats on being able to do extensive commercial and residential work. If that sounds like you, then you have an excellent branding angle. Consider a slogan like “Big or Small; we do it All!” 

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