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Is Plumber SEO B.S. in 2022? | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Every year some hotshot marketer poses the question, is plumber SEO dead? It’s a clickbait question to garner attention. Here’s the truth: SEO ethics, skills, and competence are dead, but the practice is alive and well. At Plumbing Webmasters, we decided to ask a better question for today’s podcast episode, is SEO B.S.? 

SEO Sales Are B.S. in 2022

The sales routine of SEO marketers is B.S. in 2022. For example, most SEO companies call random businesses to identify urgent calls to action about their website. Maybe they highlight an ambiguous metric that causes the business owner to panic and fork over $2,000 per month for 12 months.

These people are horrific human beings and destroy the competence of the SEO industry. Since their services are awful, the business owner grows furious with the entire process and begins to resent SEO as an industry. And who can blame them? They’ve been screwed so many times that it’s perfectly reasonable.

Why Lead Generation Overtook SEO

Plumbers often seek out lead generation services rather than SEO in 2022. Who can blame them since most SEO providers are despicable human beings? The problem with lead generation services is that SEO creates the best leads, and without SEO or PPC, you’re not getting any leads.

The same is true of funneling services that fall into the same lead generation sales pitch. But your funnel is only as effective as your SEO or PPC process. So when a lead goes from your contact form to your plumbing CRM, that’s a fantastic feeling. But unfortunately, that action only takes place with good SEO or PPC.

PPC is one way to generate plumbing leads; however, SEO is still responsible for over 70% of searches. If you only invest in PPC, your business has little chance of surviving long-term. At Plumbing Webmasters, we are interested in long-term partnerships since they’re beneficial for both parties. Of course, such a philosophy requires ethics, which most marketing companies don’t have in 2022.

Google Map 3-Pack results are organic, which some plumbing companies don’t understand. Local SEO is part of SEO which is why your Google Business Profile is essential for good results. But you can’t only have a GBP and expect to rank either. Profiles with a high-quality website associated with the listing rank much higher, on average, in local results.

Plumber SEO is Not Dead

Plumbing SEO is still the most inexpensive method to grow your plumbing company in 2022. the tactics still work better than any other marketing venture, and the long-term impact is still greater than any other form of digital promotion. As a result, plumbing SEO is not dead in 2022. The key to SEO is finding the less than 1% of SEO providers who actually care about your business.

Plumbing Webmasters turns down customers we can’t help, which most SEO providers never consider. Instead, they rope them into long-term contracts that leave them with an unpayable bill. For startup plumbers, consider going to Angi and HomeAdvisor before you invest in SEO services.

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