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The Plumber Marketing Mindset (Podcast Episode)

The most successful plumbers have a marketing-driven mindset. At Plumbing Webmasters, Nolen Walker knows this first-hand. Not just because he’s worked with thousands of plumbing companies over the past decade, but because he once ran a home service business himself.

In today’s The Plumbing SEO Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the importance of a plumber marketing mindset in 2022. Enjoy the episode below:

Principles of The Plumber Marketing Mindset

We hear about mindsets in business, athletics, and other competitive forums. But how do plumbers get into the right attitude? The truth is that many plumbing contractors already have the marketing mindset required to succeed in business. As a result, these plumbers invest in marketing heavily.

Marketing Foundation

A plumber with the right marketing mindset understands that marketing is the foundation of their business. Yes, it’s crucial to perform excellent services for clients, but that alone won’t make your company succeed. Instead, contractors must make marketing the foundation of their business.

Forward Thinking

Marketing in 2022 looks different than in years prior. Today, SEO for plumbers is the best way to achieve marketing success. SEO produces the highest ROI for plumbing companies, and it’s not even close. Getting listed on the Yellow Pages is not going to make a difference anymore.

Multi-Channel Minded

Even though we just criticized an old-school marketing tactic, we also highly encourage marketing diversification. For example, SEO is great, but it works better when you perform other promotional activities. For example, consider getting a truck wrap and running advertisements on Nextdoor.

Respect for Expertise

Plumbing companies that have ever faced legal troubles wouldn’t try to educate their attorney on the nuances of the law. The same should be valid for your marketing agency. Respecting the marketer’s expertise is key to success for plumbers. But, of course, some marketers are dishonest, which makes the selection process critical.

Long-Term Vision

Plumbers who view marketing as a lead-by-lead struggle will never find true success. Going for leads only puts your company in the gig economy and limits your ability to grow long-term. Instead, investing in your own branded entities for SEO, like a website, domain name, and Google Business Profile, are vital to achieving sustainable success online.

Best Marketing Channels for Plumbers in 2022

Once you enter the right mindset, you should focus on the specifics like marketing channels. When you invest in marketing, you’ll find that the answers become clear, especially with the help of a top agency. Take a look at some of the best marketing channels for plumbers.


Google is the best marketing channel for plumbers, and it’s not even close. Plumbing companies can use SEO and PPC to acquire leads from Google. In addition, plumbers can rank their website, Google Business Profile, YouTube videos, and social media profiles on Google SERPs.


Nextdoor is an untapped marketing platform for plumbing companies. Running ads on Nextdoor, a neighborhood community site, allows plumbers to infiltrate communities that once relied on traditional word of mouth. Digital word of mouth is highly valuable for plumbers in 2022.


Facebook remains an important marketing channel for plumbers because of its multi-faceted application. For example, Facebook serves as a social media platform, a business citation, and an ads platform. Facebook ads for plumbers can yield positive results, and generating positive feedback through recommendations helps with conversions.

Thanks for joining us for The Plumber Marketing Mindset. Remember to subscribe to The Plumbing SEO podcast on Spotify and Apple.

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