Creating The Perfect Plumbing Company Logo

Graphic Design Office SuppliesIn 2017, plumbing companies should understand that branding goes a long way in determining the success or failure of a business. Because the internet is a visual medium, having a strong brand that represents excellence, authority, ethics, and other good qualities, can differentiate one company from another. One of the most important components of branding, is a company logo. A well-designed logo represents the image of your company. The perfect plumbing company logo should be:


As a plumber, you will want your design to display a plumbing theme. Talented designers can work with elements, like water, home services, plumber tools, etc. and implement one or more of them into your design. Usually this theme will be subtle but can work well on the subconscious of consumers. Most importantly, do not theme your logo as something outside of the plumbing industry. The worst thing to do is confuse potential customers.


Don’t take colorful to mean a combination of pink, yellow, and green. It simply means, make it something more basic than black and white. Perhaps a navy blue for more conservative looking designs, or some red and blue for louder presentations. You should also take into account your location. Sometimes, color schemes can be coordinated with local colleges, sports teams, or other institutions.


The design is only one aspect of your logo. You will also need optimized image files to disperse across the web. Not only will your website require multiple versions of the image, but you will be prompted to upload them to online business directories like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau, as well as social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Ensure your designer is aware of web-optimized image files, and can provide various file formats at your convenience.


Microsoft Paint will not suffice for logo creation. You must invest in a professional designer to craft the image for you. Why? Because people can easily notice an amateur looking brand logo. Remember, this image is a representation of your company, so an unprofessional image implies an unprofessional company. Don’t lose out on customers from a poor first impression.


Every great logo has simplicity. If you think of national brands like Nike, McDonald’s, and Ford, you will notice that each of them has a simple design. If you want to be more industry specific, check out HomeAdvisor’s plumbers directory and browse around for top companies. Notice how simple and appealing their designs are, and take note when constructing your own. To discuss how a well-designed logo can influence your business leads, call Plumbing Webmasters at (877) 388-9884.