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Maximizing Success with User-Generated Content for Plumbers

User Generated Content for Plumbers (Blog Cover)

If you’re a plumber looking to make your mark in a competitive field, UGC or consumer-generated content could be your secret weapon.

User-generated content is usually more memorable than other media types.

It’s valuable because it offers a real and trustworthy evaluation of a plumber’s skills and the quality of their work.

Key Takeaway

In a time when people are wary of advertisements, UGC is a refreshing and genuine way to show your worth.

Are you curious about how to apply UGC to your plumbing business?

The following post is a guide to user-generated content for plumbers and shows you how to use customer testimonials, social proof, and product reviews to your advantage.

Be ready to be inspired by real-life examples.

Why Is User-Generated Content Effective for Plumbers?

Plumbing is all about trust since technicians go into customers’ homes to solve important problems.

UGC, like reviews and personal stories, helps build this trust by showing how reliable and high-quality your services are.

Picture this: you’re considering a plumber for your next home repair, and you stumble upon photos of their immaculate work, glowing testimonials, and even interactive before-and-after visual content, all shared by real users and influencers. This instills a level of trust that no ad or marketing strategy can match.

Also, plumbers can benefit immensely from UGC due to their localized operation sphere.

Positive customer testimonials on platforms like Google Business Profile act as localized endorsements, setting your product or service apart in a fiercely competitive scenario.

Establishing a dialogue with your clientele via UGC fosters a sense of brand community.

Clients who’ve had great experiences are generally inclined to share these instances with others, catalyzing valuable word-of-mouth referrals from social media platforms, a tool indispensable in the home services trade.

In addition, frequent content updates and user reviews may enhance your business’s ranking on search engines and brand awareness, thereby amplifying the visibility of your enterprise to audiences online.

Plumbing businesses that utilize user-generated content see a 26% increase in web traffic.

Now, let us explore how to effectively implement UGC content for brands tailored to plumbing.

Implementing User-Generated Content in the Plumbing Business

So, you see the value of user-generated content for your plumbing business.

But how do you go about implementing it in your marketing posts or campaign?

Below, Plumbing Webmasters dives into the most important principles for UGC.

1) Make Sure Your UGC is Original

Remember, carving out authentic UGC is key. It is not a novel concept, so standing out from the crowd is vital.

You can start by studying your competitors.

What’s their UGC game? How is the audience responding?

A Competitor Analysis Tool, such as SE Ranking, can help you delve deeper into your competitors, scrutinize their organic and ad traffic, and carve out a unique approach for your plumbing service.

2) Create a System to Collect UGC

Creating an efficient system to collect UGC is a must.

Also, remember to get permission to reuse creative content volunteered by UGC creators.

You can leverage your own data with a tool like DataPins, which allows you to showcase your recent work.

Encourage your customers to share their experience with your plumbing service on online platforms and social feeds — be it pictures, videos, or customer reviews.

3) Diversify The Source of Content Creators

Valuable content from different users can spark inspiration on the variety of plumbing issues a business can handle.

This can boost the business’s credibility, as potential customers can see their own plumbing problems reflected in these shared stories.

Each user has different social media habits and networks.

By encouraging diverse users’ creativity to share content, a plumbing business can reach different groups of customers across various platforms.

4) Encourage Users to Share UCG

To promote your UGC, aim to make it simple and worth it for your customers.

Think over your gamification plan: give them incentives, like discounts on the next services or entries into giveaways for free plumbing inspections, to inspire creator users to get involved.

Pro Tip: Make sure not to apply any of these strategies to customer reviews, however, as they violate the guidelines of the review platforms.

Always engage with every customer’s feedback by publicly thanking them and showcasing specific content on your website and social media platforms.

This strategy encourages more customers to share and fosters a sense of community around your social media marketing brand, further boosting trust and visibility.

5) Host UGC Competitions or Challenges

Challenges are effective in boosting interaction.

Opt for a theme linked to your services, which prompts users to join in.

An idea could be a “Greatest Plumbing Challenge” competition where UGC creator volunteers share tales and images about their toughest plumbing problems and their solutions.

6) Publish UGC on Your Website and Social Media

Plan how to display UGC campaigns on your website.

Consider sections like “Customer Stories” or a “Gallery” for project photos.

Add testimonials on service pages to highlight the success of your work.

The DataPins tool automatically adds a “pins” section to your website for job-based UGC.

The UGC should be appealing and easy to access.

Take a look at some examples:

  • Website: Add pins, reviews, and testimonials to your homepage and other pages. Service detail pages are great for before-and-after photos to reveal your work’s effectiveness.
  • Blog: Use blog posts for case studies or to share the story of major projects. Include customer photos and feedback for added credibility.
  • Social Media: Share selected UGC on your social channels like Instagram, Twitter (now X), TikTok, and Facebook, and link back to your site. This enhances your social media posts and brings more traffic to your website.
  • Email Newsletters: Feature customer stories or top testimonials in your emails to show off your work and motivate more customers to share their experiences.

7) Track Success

Finally, don’t forget to track the success of your UGC efforts.

This will help you refine your strategies and ensure that you’re moving in the right direction.

Outstanding User-Generated Content Examples

Hold on, we’re not done yet! What about notable examples of user-generated content?

They could come from various sources – employees, brand loyalists, and, most importantly, customers.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some mini UGC examples tailored for specific types of user feedback.


Employees are often an untapped resource for creating promotional content.

Just look at the treasure trove of gratitude plumbing workers leave on review sites (you can add them to your website, too):

Employee user generated content for plumbing company on Indeed

Source: Indeed

Imagine a short video clip of your plumbing team showcasing a completed project or sharing behind-the-scenes snaps of their day-to-day tasks.

Not only does this humanize your business, but it also provides strong visual proof of your work quality.

Sometimes, plumbing companies have extraordinary staff workers. Having them should definitely be exposed in your UGC marketing (yes, adding humor to your UGC is always a good idea):

Cat plumbers will always make, not break your UGC strategy

Source: Pipecraft Plumbing

Brand Loyalists

Brand loyalty can be boosted by unofficial ambassadors for your business.

Embrace the power of original content in text format, Instagram stories, customer reviews, blogs, social proof, etc.

They can share stories on how your plumbing services saved their day, left a lasting impression, or simply stood out in terms of promptness and professionalism.

These genuine shares can significantly influence your brand’s credibility.

Here’s an example of a potential brand loyalist that could bring new customers and employees to your business: How to get a plumbing apprenticeship – Gateway gives you a taste of on…

Although the previous video was shot by a brand, it feels very genuine and credible. Some purely user-generated video content will be less likely to show up your brand but more likely to tell a story tons of social media users would like to share.

And never forget about memes – here’s a pick of 33 plumber memes created by users you don’t want to miss.


Customers hold the key to authenticity in UGC through their experiences with your services. Turn customers into brand ambassadors; encourage them to share before-and-after photos, videos, or detailed reviews of your work.

This video is a perfect example of a customer review with a drip of storytelling: Brian Kelly’s Testimonial of Emerald Repipe.

The beauty of UGC is in trust and credibility. Each individual contribution helps to paint a unique and honest picture of your plumbing business.

Final Thoughts on User Generated Content

Content from UGC campaigns can give your plumbing business a strong online boost when it comes to reputation and engagement.

With a unique approach to your own content, your business can stand out from competitors and win the trust and loyalty of the target audience.

Consumers trust content shared by social media accounts and other 3rd party platforms more so than promotional material like paid advertisements; that’s why UGC fosters unlocking greater success for your plumbing business.

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4 Awesome Instagram Live Tips for Plumbers in 2024

Plumbing Instagram Live Tips (Blog Cover)

Instagram Lives are a great way to get your target audience involved with your brand and create a brand-centered community. It’s a chance to interact with them in real time. This allows you to showcase your personality and create stronger connections.

What if you work in the plumbing industry? How can you use Instagram Live to generate leads and prospects? 

With so many different ways to use Instagram Live, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are four Instagram Live tips to help you get started:

1. Plan Ahead

You need to prepare for your Instagram Live before you go, well, live. You want everything to go smoothly, after all.

Begin by listing topics you can discuss in the Live video. The topics should be relevant to your plumbing business and understandable for viewers. At the same time, they should raise awareness of your brand and the services you offer. That said, possible topics could be how you can fix leaky faucets or address low water pressure.

Then, decide the best Instagram Live time for you and your audience. If you do the Live while working, put in place a strategy for the recording procedure. Ensure adequate room around you for viewers to see the details when you’re fixing that faucet, for example.

Don’t forget to develop a marketing strategy to promote your Live video. You might consider creating a blog post or landing page to promote your Instagram Live. Or, reach out to local businesses who may want to sponsor your IG live video. We’ll talk more about promotional strategies later.

Also, develop a social media branding plan. You want to make your brand distinctive and stick in consumers’ minds. Create a logo and use specific colors, for example.

Finally, create plans you’ll implement in case something goes wrong. For instance, what do you do if you don’t know the answer to a question or if someone leaves offensive comments? The more specific your plan for this, the better.

2. Promote Your Live Session

You may have the best video content in the world. However, it won’t make any difference if no one knows about it. The same applies to your Live sessions. You have to promote them to get the most out of your Instagram Live.

There are several video strategies you can use. But, depending on your goals, size, and budget, these are the most important Instagram Live tips.

  • Post about your Live in the comments section of one of your viral videos related to plumbing
  • Use hashtags such as #plumber, #plumbing, or #plumbingservice, and tag your location, city, state, or province. That will help you get more followers interested in plumbers in your location
  • Invite influencers to join you for Live sessions. You can use social media platforms to reach out to them and ask if they are interested in attending.
  • Create a landing page on your website. Promote your Live on your social media profile, as @pbplumber does in his Instagram Stories:
Plumber Instagram Live Example


Likewise, collect email addresses to push notifications or invites to your next video session.

  • Create an ad that goes straight to your page with the link to watch the Live session.

Have a clear call to action encouraging people to watch your Live session. To gain more brand exposure, ideally, you should have many Instagram followers. So, find ways to increase your Instagram following. Some people buy Instagram followers, while others use referral marketing and other tactics. Some do a little bit of everything. Choose the strategies you can implement, given your resources. 

3. Make Your Live Interactive

Interacting with your audience is one of the essential Instagram Live tips. It helps you create a positive, memorable brand experience for your audience.

Being yourself is the best way to interact with your audience during your Instagram Live. Be genuine, honest, and human so that viewers can relate to you personally.

You should also be willing to read their questions, concerns, and comments. Also, ask them questions about themselves or their experiences with plumbers. That is an excellent way to get customer feedback about your profession. That will also make them feel part of the conversation. They’ll be more likely to engage with your brand’s content going forward.

Don’t forget to answer their questions. You can also share stories about yourself.

Finally, try running Instagram Live for more than 10 minutes. That will give interested parties plenty of time to join. But ensure you have some information ready to loop through for the duration of your Live. 

4. Follow Up

Following up after your video broadcast is important. If you follow up after an Instagram Live, you show your followers that you appreciate them and value their time. 

You want to reach out to your audience in a personal way, not merely bombard them with service ads. So, after an Instagram Live, continue interacting with your audience. Make it a part of your content strategy in email and social media marketing.

There are several ways to go about it.

  • Share your favorite parts of the session in an Instagram Story or in other social media posts.
  • Respond to comments from viewers on your post. Even if it’s just a quick “Thanks so much!” or “I’m glad you liked it,” responding will show people you care about what they say.
  • Ask questions about something discussed or shared during the Live session.
  • Share a link to related content, like a blog post or video, and ask them if they want to check it out.

Consider sending out a survey via email or text message that asks more detailed questions about the experience: What did they like most/least? What topics would they like covered in future broadcasts? 

In Closing

Instagram Live is a great way to share your story and connect with your followers. It’s an excellent tool for sales and marketing.

But getting started and getting people to engage with the Live video in real-time can be challenging.

The four tips above will help you get more from your Live video experience. Plan ahead and promote your Live. Don’t forget to make your Live interactive. Finally, follow up.

Follow these tips, and you’ll reap the best results. Good luck!

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Commercial Plumbing Leads: The Ultimate Guide for (2024)

Commercial Plumbing Leads Blog Cover Showing Post Title and Image of Commercial Building

As a top lead generation agency for plumbers, Plumbing Webmasters has experience working with commercial plumbing companies throughout the U.S.

We also regularly speak to general plumbers looking to expand into commercial and get more commercial plumbing leads.

Commercial leads for plumbers are particularly attractive because they are higher-ticket jobs.

Also, once you connect with a commercial client, you might be in line for a slew of lucrative plumbing jobs in a short period. 

You can learn more about those general concepts in our article about free plumbing leads.

On the flip side, making these initial connections is difficult because commercial clients typically stay with their current provider for decades.

There are various tactics plumbers can use to increase commercial lead generation, and the following guide will outline the most effective methods.

Our strategies are based on more than a decade’s worth of internal data from our thousands of digital marketing clients.

Reputation Management

Reputation is critical for converting any plumbing job, particularly commercial jobs.

Commercial clients value reliability and credibility, which is why they will do their homework after initially learning about your company.

As a result, it’s essential to optimize your online reputation.

Review and Reputation Management Graphic

Google Reviews

Google reviews are the most visible representation of your company’s reputation.

When someone searches for your company name on Google, your Google Business Profile will appear (if you have one) along with the accompanying Google reviews.

Facebook Recommendations

Your Facebook business page is generally among the first organic results for searchers looking for your company. As a result, it’s crucial to have positive feedback about your plumbing company. 

Aside from Google, Facebook recommendations are one of the most trusted feedback sources.

Other Review Sources

While some prospects will feel comfortable after viewing your Google and Facebook reviews, others will scour the web for more feedback about your company.

Other platforms that could influence consumer behavior include Better Business Bureau, Nextdoor HomeAdvisor, and Angi.

Search Engine Optimization

Although commercial clients may find their plumbing company from other sources, maintaining visibility on Google is one of the best ways to get their attention.

Achieving sustainable Google visibility requires SEO for plumbers.

Below, we will outline the SEO pillars for commercial plumbing.

Local SEO

Local SEO is critical because it allows your Google Business Profile to rank in the local Map 3-Pack for terms like “commercial plumber near me,” which will drive qualified prospects to your profile and website.

The best way to improve your Local SEO is by using a software tool called DataPins.

On-Page SEO

Most people need to learn about Local SEO because it still requires strong on-page SEO for your company website.

You need more than just a Google Business Profile to rank on the Google Maps 3-Pack.

Instead, you must create and optimize a service page for commercial plumbing.

On-page SEO also helps generate organic commercial plumbing leads.

Link Building

The other aspect of SEO is link building, which includes citations and natural links to your homepage or informational content.

Creating data-driven blog posts is an excellent way to achieve natural links.

In addition, submitting citations to various directories builds nofollow links to your site.

Business Networking

Unlike residential plumbing leads, 90% of which come from organic search, commercial plumbing leads may require more business networking.

Commercial clients often choose their company based on personal recommendations or acquaintances. Check out some strategies to expand your network.

Attend Trade Shows

One way to expand your business network is to attend plumbing-related trade shows.

Depending on your location, you might have a trade show nearby, like the ACCO / PHCC Ohio Convention & Expo or the AHR Expo.

In other cases, you may also want to travel to a city like Myrtle Beach for the SCALT Plumbing and HVAC Convention & Trade Show.

Build Relationships

Technicians willing to be ambassadors for your plumbing brand can increase the potency of word-of-mouth in your region.

Of course, the first step is performing great plumbing jobs for existing clients.

Next, you can start to build relationships and earn recommendations.

You never know which contact will introduce you to a commercial plumbing client.

Engage on Linkedin

One untapped strategy for acquiring commercial plumbing leads is LinkedIn activity and engagement.

First, create a personal page on LinkedIn and a business page.

You can then link your personal page to your LinkedIn page.

Furthermore, you can join various plumbing-related LinkedIn groups.

Invest in Your Website

Now that we’ve established that trust is a vital consideration for commercial plumbing clients, it’s time to stress the importance of a high-quality plumbing website.

Not only should your website be optimized for SEO and Local SEO, but it should also professionally represent your brand.

Take a look at some of the qualities of commercial plumbing websites.


As you try to build trust, showcasing your company’s personality becomes critical.

Unfortunately, many plumbing websites use stock photos from around the web, discouraging prospects from using their services.

So, instead, you want to fill your website with unique images of you, your staff, and your company. 

It is especially critical to describe yourself on the About Us page and detail why you are qualified to handle commercial plumbing jobs.

Neglecting to personalize your website will almost certainly decrease lead volume over time.

User Experience

Obviously, your website’s content represents your company, but did you know that the technical experience of its users also reflects on your brand?

For example, poor navigation and slow loading speed prompt users to associate these negative qualities with your plumbing company.

As a result, it’s crucial to invest in technical optimization for your plumbing website.

Your site should present an ideal user experience across all device types, especially mobile devices.

Furthermore, your site should load quickly and allow users to navigate to various pages easily.

Final Thoughts on Commercial Plumbing Leads

Generating commercial plumbing leads requires a different strategy than residential leads.

However, expanding your business into commercial is attainable when you use the correct techniques. 

Plumbing Webmasters has served thousands of plumbing clients over the past decade.

We can help you achieve your goals while getting more commercial plumbing customers.

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Should Plumbers Use AI Content on Their Business Website?

AI Content for Plumbers (Blog Cover) Showing Blog Title and Picture of Laptop

As the top Plumber Marketing Agency in the U.S, plumbing companies often ask us about AI content and its effectiveness in ranking websites. Google’s August 2022 Helpful Content Update warns explicitly against using AI-generated content. Furthermore, a subsequent October Spam update seemed to target AI-generated content further.

Despite these warnings and apparent algorithmic follow-throughs, Google’s Danny Sullivan pushed back against the notion that AI-generated content is precisely the problem.

At Plumbing Webmasters, we believe in producing the highest-quality human-generated content for our clients. As a result, we recommend not using AI content generation tools for your plumbing company website. 

While there are measures you can take to refine AI-generated content to deliver your message adequately, it’s unlikely to reach the quality level of content produced entirely by humans.

What is “AI” Content?

AI content is text generated through content automation tools like Jasper. AI. There are several other tools similar to Jasper which range from horrible quality to mediocre quality. These tools produce text through natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG).

Why Plumbers Use AI Content

Some plumbers utilize AI content tools to expedite their content generation process. For example, using a tool like Jasper, plumbing companies can create dozens of website pages in half the time it would take to handwrite them.

The Danger of AI Content Generation for Plumbers

The introduction notes that sites using AI content have been targeted in recent Google algorithm updates. While some industry experts believe this to be a correlation, not equaling causation, there’s enough anecdotal evidence to make plumbers think twice before utilizing these tools.

Losing rankings on your plumbing website can decrease organic traffic, resulting in a loss of lead volume. The goal of organic SEO is to maintain sustainable rankings and drive consistent streams of traffic to your website. As a result, it’s better to invest in handwritten plumbing content written by industry experts.

How to Detect AI-Generated Content

If you suspect your marketing agency is using AI-generated content on your company website, try testing the content with tools like GPT-2 output detector or AI Content Detector. Be cognizant that these tools are not 100% accurate and may occasionally produce false positives or negatives.

Still, they can give you a general idea of whether your website content was produced with AI-generation tools.

Optimized On-Site Content

Handwritten content from industry experts should outperform AI-generated content 100% of the time.

Unique Content Alternatives for Plumbing Companies

While AI-generated content is terrible, the traditional and stale way of producing plumbing content also falls short. Unfortunately, the latest algorithm updates still hit websites using handwritten content if their text sounded generic, uninspired, and regurgitated.


Google values unique content that offers insights that only you can provide. As a plumbing professional, proof of work is the best way to showcase your unique expertise. The DataPins tool allows you to create pins for each completed job. Pins come with geo-coordinates, images, captions, schema markup, and auto-publish to the corresponding page.

Research / Studies

One thing AI cannot produce is original data. For example, suppose you create content assets with data about anything related to the plumbing industry. In that case, you are sure to stand out from competitors. Furthermore, these content assets often receive the most natural links from other websites, strengthening your domain authority.

Final Thoughts on AI-Generated Content for Plumbers

AI content for plumbers is probably a bad idea in 2023. Recent algorithms have warned against using AI content on your website, and subsequent studies have found a measurable correlation. 

While some in the industry push back against the notion that AI is driving these traffic drops, there’s enough evidence to dissuade business-minded plumbers from relying on AI content-generation tools.

Still, ditching AI software is insufficient to ensure high-quality content for your plumbing company website. You still must focus on original and unique content that produces insightful value for your target consumers. Examples of this include using DataPins and creating data-driven content assets that reveal unique insights about your industry.

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The (2024) Guide to Video Marketing for Plumbing Contractors

Video Marketing for Plumbing Contractors (Blog Cover)

Video marketing for plumbing contractors is essential for lead generation and brand awareness. Consumers choose plumbing companies based on trust, reputation, and perceived expertise. In today’s digital marketing landscape, video is your best medium for showcasing those qualities.

Getting new customers online requires an extensive brand presence across multiple platforms. First, Plumbers want to appear on Google search results, including the Local Map 3-Pack.

However, to stand out from competitors, plumbers should create profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other visual-driven platforms.

Plumbing Website Video (Screenshot)

Key Takeaways

  • Video content improves SEO and conversions
  • YouTube is the top video platform for plumbers
  • Embed YouTube videos on your website for best results

Producing Plumbing Video Content

If you have a smartphone, you have an opportunity to create plumbing video content in 2024. Almost all modern phone models have video recording features, and most come with video editing software. As a result, there’s no excuse for plumbing companies not to record video.

Plumber On-The-Job Video

On-The-Job Videos

One of the best times to record a video is when you are on the job. If future customers can see your team in action, they develop trust.

Of course, you should be mindful of sensitive information regarding your existing clients. You don’t want to reveal their personal information.

Equipment Videos

Plumbers know the best tools for the job, and recording videos with your latest equipment is a good idea. You might even record yourself at the hardware store searching for new plumbing tools.

Some contractors might even feel compelled to make an equipment comparison vlog (video blog).

Staff Videos

Showcasing your staff is vital to building consumers’ trust and establishing your brand. Everyone from the secretary to the new technician is worthy of an on-screen appearance.

Make sure to keep the mood light to foster positive feelings from viewers and future customers.

Editing Plumbing Video Content

Once you have the raw video recordings, you must edit your video for publication. Nobody wants to see unedited footage of your various recordings.

Instead, you should treat video content like marketing material and ensure it is appropriately edited before the public views it.

Consolidating Your Video

People have short attention spans, so cut out bland and unnecessary fluff. Most video editing software has features for transitions so that your sudden shifts from one part of a video to another look professional.

Remember, focus on parts of the video that will create engagement.

Branding Your Video

As part of the editing process, you’ll want to brand your video with a logo overlay on the bottom right of your screen. Most video editing software makes this easy for editors.

You may also want to feature an intro and end screen showing your logo, address, and phone number.

Exporting Your Video

Once you’re happy with your cut, export the video as an MP4 file. You’ll need this video file to upload to most platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Make sure you name the video file with keywords and lowercase letters—for example, plumbing-repair-job-dallas.mp4.

Best Plumbing Video Editing Software

  • iMovie (free for iPhone / Mac users)
  • PowerDirector (free for Android / PC users)
  • Openshot (for Mac Users)
  • VideoPad (for PC Users)
  • Canva (web-based video editing)

Sharing Video Content for Plumbers

Now that you have your MP4 file, it’s time to share your video content online. The best places to share your video are YouTube and on your website via YouTube embed.

In both cases, you’ll need to first upload the file directly to your YouTube channel. 


Make sure you create a YouTube channel for your plumbing company if you don’t already have one. A YouTube channel connects to your Gmail account, so you’ll need one of those if you don’t currently have one.

Once you make a channel or log in to your existing one, select the “create” button to upload your MP4 file.

YouTube will then prompt you to enter a title, description, thumbnail, tags, and more.

For best results, use a keyword-rich YouTube title and upload a visually appealing thumbnail image. Next, use keyword-relevant tags and write a 300-500-word description for your video.

Roto Rooter YouTube Embed (Screenshot)

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, which makes it an untapped marketing channel for plumbers.

Website (YouTube Embed)

It’s critical to embed videos on your website to increase conversion rates. While most website providers allow you to upload videos directly to your site, it’s better to use a YouTube embed feature.

When YouTube hosts your video, you save space on your website server. 

Furthermore, YouTube videos are eligible to rank on Google SERPs, creating more SEO opportunities and brand synergy among your website and channel.

If you have a WordPress website, YouTube embeds are very simple. Select the “YouTube” block in the WordPress editor and place it wherever you want throughout your content.

Plumbing Video Website Embeds (Screenshot)

If you use something besides WordPress, you can copy the embed code from your YouTube link and paste it as HTML within your content.


While Facebook is less important than the two platforms listed above, sharing videos on your Facebook business page is still helpful. In this case, you can upload the MP4 file directly to Facebook rather than sharing the YouTube embed.

In addition, since Facebook hosts the video file, it won’t bog down your website.

Although Facebook business pages don’t get much organic reach, users who search for your business page before hiring want to see visual content.

Roto Rooter Facebook Video (Screenshot)

You can increase conversions by posting your videos directly on your Facebook page.


Instagram has two primary video options (stories and reels). However, your video clips are limited to 60 seconds. As a result, Instagram is good for sharing clips of your longer videos that foster user engagement.

Remember that IG stories disappear after 24 hours, so if you’re looking for a more long-term benefit, utilize Instagram reels.

Plumbing Instagram Reel (Screenshot)

Source: MechanicallyIncleyend

Benefits of Video Marketing for Plumbers

Video marketing helps plumbers primarily through SEO and conversions.

Every time you introduce high-quality content to the web and optimize it for search, you have a chance to acquire new traffic and customers. Video content is no different than regular text content in that respect. 

Video SERP Results for Plumbing Query

YouTube videos can rank on YouTube search and Google searches, potentially doubling their reach to future plumbing consumers.


YouTube videos regularly rank on Google search results, especially for how-to queries. In addition, embedded YouTube videos often appear on SERPs as a SERP enhancement for your ranking website page.

Since Google owns YouTube, the SEO synergy between the two platforms is evident. Plumbing companies can take advantage of this.


Videos increase conversion rates by an estimated 86%, making them critical to any plumbing marketing strategy. Users value trust, expertise, and familiarity when choosing their next plumber, and video helps foster those perceptions. 

So, there’s no downside to producing high-quality videos for your plumbing company.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing for plumbing contractors is integral in the modern digital marketing landscape. Today’s consumers value visual content that fosters trust, expertise, and brand awareness. 

Perhaps most importantly, video content can be distributed across multiple marketing channels, including YouTube, company websites, and Facebook.

Ultimately, plumbing video content is a no-brainer for successful business owners.

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Willie’s Gold and The Plumber Who Spammed Too Much (Podcast)

SEO spam is a big problem for plumbing companies. For most plumbers, they fight spam from competitors who use black-hat SEO in an attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm. Some plumbers, however, are the ones utilizing the spam. 

In the following podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the trap of SEO spam for plumbing companies.

What is SEO Spam for Plumbers?

SEO spam is the intentional practice of engaging in black-hat SEO practices that provide no value to users. SEO spam includes:

  • Mass-producing city pages.
  • Claiming Google My Business listings with fake addresses.
  • Publishing low-quality blog posts to acquire links.

Why Some Plumbers Spam

Some plumbing contractors spam because they have a mindset problem. But unfortunately, their misguided philosophy expands beyond SEO and into their overall business operation most of the time. They believe their ticket to success is manipulation, which leaves them on a hamster wheel.

  • They have a mindset problem
  • They run a lousy business operation
  • They want to skip steps to sustainable success

SEO Spam Examples for Plumbers

Google has a baseline expectation for local plumbing company websites. For example, most plumbing websites have about ten pages in Google’s index. In many cases, this can be too low, but it’s certainly not spam. Let’s look at some spam examples for SEO for plumbing companies.

Content Mass-Produciton

Since most local plumbers have 10-page websites, a website with 500+ pages will set off algorithmic alarms. Why would a local plumber need 500 pages? The only reason is spam. No local plumber will service that many cities or have that much to write about in blog posts.

Google My Business Spam

A typical spam tactic is to create fake GMB listings or use fake addresses within a secondary GMB listing. Sterling Sky recently published an article about the state of spam-fighting for GMB listings, and it paints a bleak picture. Still, engaging in GMB spam can get your listing permanently banned.

Service Area Expansion

Plumbing companies that try to expand their service area too far will suffer the consequences. Google wants to rank local plumbing companies, not national ones. 

If you try to rank in cities, you cannot even service; you only confuse the algorithm and limit your clicks. On the other hand, you will get more traffic if you hone in on your primary service areas online.

The Better SEO Option for Plumbing Companies

Spam is a temporary benefit, at best. Plumbing companies that engage in spam typically have a subpar operations lacking sustainable profits. You can make more money by doing proper SEO marketing with white-hat strategies. Let’s consider some of the white-hat SEO strategies:

Legitimate Business Address

Instead of trying to slip a PO Box or virtual office through Google’s algorithm, invest in a legitimate business address in a prime area. Investing in a good address sets you up for long-term success. 

Instead of waiting for an inevitable listing suspension, you can build a long-term brand.

Legitimate Local Website

A legitimate local plumbing website won’t have 500 pages filled with spammed city pages and thin content. Instead, it will fall within the acceptable range of local contractor websites. 

A service page for each of your offerings will typically result in 10-20 pages. For blog posts, you should only publish high-quality content assets. Similarly, city pages should be limited to your actual service area.

Sustainable Organic Rankings

One misguided thought among some plumbers is that you need hundreds of pages to get good organic click volume. Focusing on quality over quantity ensures you get more clicks to fewer pages. Furthermore, quality helps you build long-term rankings that Google trusts to keep in its index.

The same is true of Local Map 3-Pack rankings, which are also technically organic. A legitimate business listing will stay in Google’s map rankings long-term rather than facing an inevitable suspension. Avoiding suspension assures you keep your accumulated customer reviews.

The Bottom Line About Plumber SEO Spam

Do white-hat SEO with proven tactics if you want to create a sustainable plumbing brand. Avoid black-hat SEO and spam that derails your online marketing campaign and overall business model. Spam is temporary, at best, and will ultimately cause the demise of your plumbing business.

You can navigate the online marketing space with long-term gains by investing in white-hat SEO strategies. While competitors try every new trick for short-term wins, you rely on the consistency of legitimate SEO strategies. You can learn more by contacting Plumbing Webmasters today.

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Do You Want to Buy Leads or Build a Brand? (Podcast Episode)

At HVAC-Plumber SEO Webmasters, we understand how to generate plumbing leads for companies. However, some contractors prefer to buy plumbing leads from 3rd-party vendors, which shall remain nameless. 

In today’s The Plumbing SEO Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss this topic: Do you want to buy leads or build a brand?

Should Plumbers Buy Leads or Build a Brand in 2022?

Everyone can agree that plumbing companies want more customers. The disagreement is about how to get them. Many plumbers resort to buying leads from 3rd parties. While there’s nothing wrong with this strategy, it limits your ability to generate affordable and sustainable leads over time.

Buying Plumbing Leads

When you buy leads from a lead seller, you rely on their brand for your business. In addition, most of these companies sell shared leads which means that another plumber in your service area receives the same contact info. 

Furthermore, when plumbers buy these leads, the customer remembers the lead seller more than your plumbing company. So next time they require a plumbing service, they will probably call the lead seller before your business.

Building a Plumbing Brand

Building a plumbing brand generates exclusive leads for your company in the long term. The reason why most companies neglect to develop a brand is that it’s difficult. Building a brand requires an investment in marketing and a shift in your business mindset.

The goal of branding is the same as buying leads. However, when you create branded entities like a website and Google Business Profile, you generate consistent and high-quality leads for your business. These leads lower your cost per acquisition while increasing your closing rate and repeat customer rate.

Security vs. Gig Economy for Plumbing Companies

The difference between buying leads and building a brand stems from a philosophical distinction. Plumbers who live day-to-day in the gig economy will be stuck in the cycle for the remainder of their careers. 

However, plumbing companies with a business mindset will establish security and credibility and enjoy a better lifestyle away from the workplace. There’s nothing wrong with either option. The choice is yours.

How to Build a Plumbing Company Brand

You can build your plumbing company brand through marketing efforts like SEO, website design, and social media marketing. The easiest way to launch your brand is to claim and optimize your Google Business Profile. A Google listing is entirely free and can help bring in new customers.


SEO is the process of ranking on Google search results with your website and business listing. Ranking on these platforms generates free clicks. Of course, you still have to invest time and money into your SEO campaign and website, but the ROI is much higher than Google Ads or Pay Per Click.

Website Design

SEO drives traffic to your website, but you must convert that traffic into leads. The best way is through conversion rate optimization. Include unique photos of your owners, team, staff, and trucks so that potential customers feel good about your company. 

Also, add calls-to-action with contact forms and clickable phone numbers. Remember, a strong plumbing website design turns your organic traffic into prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing rarely directly generates leads for your business. However, establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube builds credibility and increases conversion rates. Therefore, think of social media marketing as a part of your reputation management strategy.

Customers are most likely to invest in services they can trust. So, aside from the reputation benefit, sharing content on social media is an excellent way to build links back to your website. It also helps Google understand the legitimacy of your business.

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The Plumber Marketing Mindset (Podcast Episode)

The most successful plumbers have a marketing-driven mindset. At Plumbing Webmasters, Nolen Walker knows this first-hand. Not just because he’s worked with thousands of plumbing companies over the past decade, but because he once ran a home service business himself.

In today’s The Plumbing SEO Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the importance of a plumber marketing mindset in 2022. Enjoy the episode below:

Principles of The Plumber Marketing Mindset

We hear about mindsets in business, athletics, and other competitive forums. But how do plumbers get into the right attitude? The truth is that many plumbing contractors already have the marketing mindset required to succeed in business. As a result, these plumbers invest in marketing heavily.

Marketing Foundation

A plumber with the right marketing mindset understands that marketing is the foundation of their business. Yes, it’s crucial to perform excellent services for clients, but that alone won’t make your company succeed. Instead, contractors must make marketing the foundation of their business.

Forward Thinking

Marketing in 2022 looks different than in years prior. Today, SEO for plumbers is the best way to achieve marketing success. SEO produces the highest ROI for plumbing companies, and it’s not even close. Getting listed on the Yellow Pages is not going to make a difference anymore.

Multi-Channel Minded

Even though we just criticized an old-school marketing tactic, we also highly encourage marketing diversification. For example, SEO is great, but it works better when you perform other promotional activities. For example, consider getting a truck wrap and running advertisements on Nextdoor.

Respect for Expertise

Plumbing companies that have ever faced legal troubles wouldn’t try to educate their attorney on the nuances of the law. The same should be valid for your marketing agency. Respecting the marketer’s expertise is key to success for plumbers. But, of course, some marketers are dishonest, which makes the selection process critical.

Long-Term Vision

Plumbers who view marketing as a lead-by-lead struggle will never find true success. Going for leads only puts your company in the gig economy and limits your ability to grow long-term. Instead, investing in your own branded entities for SEO, like a website, domain name, and Google Business Profile, are vital to achieving sustainable success online.

Best Marketing Channels for Plumbers in 2022

Once you enter the right mindset, you should focus on the specifics like marketing channels. When you invest in marketing, you’ll find that the answers become clear, especially with the help of a top agency. Take a look at some of the best marketing channels for plumbers.


Google is the best marketing channel for plumbers, and it’s not even close. Plumbing companies can use SEO and PPC to acquire leads from Google. In addition, plumbers can rank their website, Google Business Profile, YouTube videos, and social media profiles on Google SERPs.


Nextdoor is an untapped marketing platform for plumbing companies. Running ads on Nextdoor, a neighborhood community site, allows plumbers to infiltrate communities that once relied on traditional word of mouth. Digital word of mouth is highly valuable for plumbers in 2022.


Facebook remains an important marketing channel for plumbers because of its multi-faceted application. For example, Facebook serves as a social media platform, a business citation, and an ads platform. Facebook ads for plumbers can yield positive results, and generating positive feedback through recommendations helps with conversions.

Thanks for joining us for The Plumber Marketing Mindset. Remember to subscribe to The Plumbing SEO podcast on Spotify and Apple.

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Is Plumber SEO B.S. in 2022? | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Every year some hotshot marketer poses the question, is plumber SEO dead? It’s a clickbait question to garner attention. Here’s the truth: SEO ethics, skills, and competence are dead, but the practice is alive and well. At Plumbing Webmasters, we decided to ask a better question for today’s podcast episode, is SEO B.S.? 

SEO Sales Are B.S. in 2022

The sales routine of SEO marketers is B.S. in 2022. For example, most SEO companies call random businesses to identify urgent calls to action about their website. Maybe they highlight an ambiguous metric that causes the business owner to panic and fork over $2,000 per month for 12 months.

These people are horrific human beings and destroy the competence of the SEO industry. Since their services are awful, the business owner grows furious with the entire process and begins to resent SEO as an industry. And who can blame them? They’ve been screwed so many times that it’s perfectly reasonable.

Why Lead Generation Overtook SEO

Plumbers often seek out lead generation services rather than SEO in 2022. Who can blame them since most SEO providers are despicable human beings? The problem with lead generation services is that SEO creates the best leads, and without SEO or PPC, you’re not getting any leads.

The same is true of funneling services that fall into the same lead generation sales pitch. But your funnel is only as effective as your SEO or PPC process. So when a lead goes from your contact form to your plumbing CRM, that’s a fantastic feeling. But unfortunately, that action only takes place with good SEO or PPC.

PPC is one way to generate plumbing leads; however, SEO is still responsible for over 70% of searches. If you only invest in PPC, your business has little chance of surviving long-term. At Plumbing Webmasters, we are interested in long-term partnerships since they’re beneficial for both parties. Of course, such a philosophy requires ethics, which most marketing companies don’t have in 2022.

Google Map 3-Pack results are organic, which some plumbing companies don’t understand. Local SEO is part of SEO which is why your Google Business Profile is essential for good results. But you can’t only have a GBP and expect to rank either. Profiles with a high-quality website associated with the listing rank much higher, on average, in local results.

Plumber SEO is Not Dead

Plumbing SEO is still the most inexpensive method to grow your plumbing company in 2022. the tactics still work better than any other marketing venture, and the long-term impact is still greater than any other form of digital promotion. As a result, plumbing SEO is not dead in 2022. The key to SEO is finding the less than 1% of SEO providers who actually care about your business.

Plumbing Webmasters turns down customers we can’t help, which most SEO providers never consider. Instead, they rope them into long-term contracts that leave them with an unpayable bill. For startup plumbers, consider going to Angi and HomeAdvisor before you invest in SEO services.

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Most Plumber Digital Marketing Agencies Are B.S. (Podcast)

At Plumbing Webmasters, every new client we speak with has been screwed by a digital marketing company at some point in their careers. Unfortunately, while there are a few good digital marketing agencies for plumbers, most web companies are horrible. In today’s The Plumbing SEO podcast episode, Nolen and Jason breakdown why most agencies are B.S.

Why Plumbing Marketing Companies Are B.S.

Most marketing companies are B.S. for the same reasons. They are companies run by salespeople with no SEO knowledge who manipulate the plumber into a long-term contract. Then, once they rope in the plumbing contractor, they perform horrific SEO work and spend money on PPC.

Sales Organizations

The worst type of marketing agency is a sales organization. They are great at sales, i.e., manipulation, but horrible at digital marketing. For example, they have no clue how SEO works or why it works in the first place. Still, they use jargon to create urgency for consumers and rope them into a 12-month agreement for an obscene monthly retainer—sales works…for the salesperson.

Long-Term Agreements

The B.S. of marketing agencies is noticeable in their payment structure. If the agency charges a multi-month agreement for setup, they will probably screw you service-wise. At Plumbing Webmasters, we only charge a nominal setup fee along with month-to-month agreements, so the plumber maintains flexibility and leverage. 

Unfortunately, the marketer has all the power with most agencies because of unfair long-term contracts.

Slap On Marketing

We recently did a podcast about slap-on marketing for plumbers, which details how most agencies operate. They might provide you with a WordPress theme template used by thousands of other websites. From there, they will publish spun content and throw on some subpar stock images, and claim to have optimized your website. Of course, none of this drives results for local plumbers in 2022, making it complete B.S.

Shiny Tactics

Since most internet marketing companies are sales organizations, they care more about appearance than results. Shiny features that may appear attractive don’t actually drive results. Most agencies invest in these tasks to manipulate their clients into choosing the services. A plumber doesn’t know what they don’t know, so they try to do their best.

Reporting / Liasons

SEO reports are a popular tool for sales organizations because they create a facade of progress that may or may not exist. They distribute these reports through account managers who are primarily babysitters for the agencies’ clients. They send out reports that highlight worthless metrics and throw their clients of the scent of B.S.

Non-Transparent Billing

Any kind of bundle agency will merge SEO and PPC fees together as one. This is entirely dishonest since the billing looks misleading and fails to demonstrate where your funds are allocated. Some agencies pump all your funds into PPC with Google Ads and then perform nothing on the SEO end. As a result, your organic search results are suppressed.

Bottom Line for Plumbing Contractors

Don’t fall for standard B.S. agency sales, as they will end up hurting your company. Unfortunately, most plumbing companies have already been screwed by at least one web company. However, if you learn more about the value of SEO and other digital marketing tasks, you can more easily fend off salesmanship in 2022.

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