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Content Strategy = Planning & Development Stage

It’s no secret that content marketing is a cheap an effective method to promote plumbing services online. The difference though, between excellence and mediocrity often lies in strategy. Sometimes SEO’s will use the terms content marketing and content strategy interchangeably and while the two concepts are closely related, they are not equivalent. Marketing refers to the outreach of services to a target audience. Strategy refers to its planning stage, including brainstorming how the content will be marketed. See below for a more detailed comparison of the two:

  • Content Marketing: The execution phase where content is presented through channels (i.e. website, social media, blog)
  • Content Strategy: The planning and development phase (i.e. audience research, guideline parameters, measurement)

Successful marketing campaigns define each stage. A strategy is the first step in that process, and the one that will instruct all subsequent actions. Strategy involves crafting a “vision” for your content marketing campaign, asking who, what, where, when, why, questions, and crafting informed answers to each of them. A significant part of planning involves studying and researching a target audience — for example; learning how they consume information, and through which distribution channels. To sign up for a month to month (MTM) or pay per lead (PPL) marketing plan, both of which include content strategy, callĀ (877) 388-9884.

Elements of Content Strategy

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A Strategy Should Proceed The Subsequent Execution

The planning stage of any marketing endeavor is critical to its success. Strategy deals predominately with questions like “why are we doing this” and “what is our ultimate goal?” Investing quality time in preparation and development facilitates a more precise execution. Attempting to handle all stages at once disrupts the marketing process and ends up prompting disorganization and confusion for everyone involved. Specific examples of content strategy include:

  • Content Auditing: Reviewing content already on your website and evaluating its strength and weaknesses
  • Defining Your Audience: Who is your target customer and through what channels can you most effectively reach them
  • Establishing Guidelines: Using gathered information to determine set guidelines
  • Signaling Metrics: Constructing measurable goals and benchmarks

Plumbing Webmasters performs a collaborative operation, with each department complimenting one another seamlessly. It cannot be overstated how important organization is in a successful marketing campaign. Strategy should align with brand development and adhere to company principles. Consistency is a macro-level concern for each marketing venture, synchronizing your online entities as one unison promotion. Our content marketing team works closely with our web designers to create the ultimate online marketing solution for plumbers..

The #1 Plumber Content Strategy Service

Editor Reviews Plumbing Web PageRunning a full time plumbing service was overwhelming enough before SEO and content marketing even existed. With their emergence, the task can seem downright impossible. For this reason, it’s important to invest in a company to assist your online marketing efforts. Plumbing Webmasters offers both PPL and MTM plans for plumbers, both of which are free from long-term commitment. Our PPL plans require payment only after exclusive leads are generated, while MTM plans incur a fixed cost at the conclusion of each month.

Our basic MTM and PPL agreements both include content strategy services along with SEO, NAP citations, and website design. We also offer add on services including PPC management, Facebook marketing, website reviews integration, and virtual office space. Plumbing Webmasters handles every aspect of your online presence and promotes sustained success over time. To sign up for one of our plans, or to further discuss content strategy, give us a call today atĀ (877) 388-9884.