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Plumbing contractors should claim their Google My Business page if they have not done so already. Google My Business serves two very important roles for local plumbing companies. First, it serves as one of the most important citation sources on the net, as it directly correlates to local search rankings. Secondly, it serves as the most visible online review directory.

Google is the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). Without the evolution of Google, SEO would cease to exist, in the way we know it today. In response, plumbing companies should pay extra special attention to their Google My Business page. Optimizing your profile on the number one search engine in the world sets a great foundation for marketing success.

The Importance of Google Reviews for Plumbers

Plumber Google Reviews

Google reviews affect plumbing companies even more than other sites like Yelp & HomeAdvisor

While online reviews are generally important for plumbing contractors, Google reviews, in particular, can really have an effect on local businesses. Since mobile search results display immediate reviews, the visibility component is exponentially greater than it normally would be. Google reviews are funneled through Google My Business pages, in order to properly index businesses for local search. Some of the benefits to plumber Google reviews include:

  • Cost Free Advertising: Both Google reviews and your responses to them are forms of free advertising
  • Customer Data: The best way to improve your services, is to hear directly from the customers
  • Reputation Building: Studies suggest that close to 90% of customers think of online reviews as personal recommendations
  • SEO Boost: Google rewards local companies that make a good name for themselves in local communities

Yelp, BBB, and others also influence plumbing companies, but not to the extent of Google reviews. Google lists relevance, distance, and prominence, as their primary factors for local search rankings. Plumber Google reviews certainly impact relevance and prominence and should be taken seriously by plumbing contractors.

How Users Consume Google Reviews

Google Reviews ManagementUsers can see Google reviews without ever clicking on your business page. If your plumbing company is well optimized, Google reviews are immediately visible on local search results. In cases where your company name is searched, your review ratings will become apparent on the right side of the search results. If it’s a more generic search like “local plumbing services”, your reviews may, or may not, show up, based on SEO.

At Plumbing Webmasters, we understand the importance of Google reviews for plumbing contractors. Because of this, our team of experts, help companies both generate and optimize, Google reviews. Our goal is to have you ranking on local search results and to help you generate customer leads. If you would like to discuss plumber Google reviews, give us a call now at 877.388.9884