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The (2024) Guide to Video Marketing for Plumbing Contractors

Video Marketing for Plumbing Contractors (Blog Cover)

Video marketing for plumbing contractors is essential for lead generation and brand awareness. Consumers choose plumbing companies based on trust, reputation, and perceived expertise. In today’s digital marketing landscape, video is your best medium for showcasing those qualities.

Getting new customers online requires an extensive brand presence across multiple platforms. First, Plumbers want to appear on Google search results, including the Local Map 3-Pack.

However, to stand out from competitors, plumbers should create profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other visual-driven platforms.

Plumbing Website Video (Screenshot)

Key Takeaways

  • Video content improves SEO and conversions
  • YouTube is the top video platform for plumbers
  • Embed YouTube videos on your website for best results

Producing Plumbing Video Content

If you have a smartphone, you have an opportunity to create plumbing video content in 2024. Almost all modern phone models have video recording features, and most come with video editing software. As a result, there’s no excuse for plumbing companies not to record video.

Plumber On-The-Job Video

On-The-Job Videos

One of the best times to record a video is when you are on the job. If future customers can see your team in action, they develop trust.

Of course, you should be mindful of sensitive information regarding your existing clients. You don’t want to reveal their personal information.

Equipment Videos

Plumbers know the best tools for the job, and recording videos with your latest equipment is a good idea. You might even record yourself at the hardware store searching for new plumbing tools.

Some contractors might even feel compelled to make an equipment comparison vlog (video blog).

Staff Videos

Showcasing your staff is vital to building consumers’ trust and establishing your brand. Everyone from the secretary to the new technician is worthy of an on-screen appearance.

Make sure to keep the mood light to foster positive feelings from viewers and future customers.

Editing Plumbing Video Content

Once you have the raw video recordings, you must edit your video for publication. Nobody wants to see unedited footage of your various recordings.

Instead, you should treat video content like marketing material and ensure it is appropriately edited before the public views it.

Consolidating Your Video

People have short attention spans, so cut out bland and unnecessary fluff. Most video editing software has features for transitions so that your sudden shifts from one part of a video to another look professional.

Remember, focus on parts of the video that will create engagement.

Branding Your Video

As part of the editing process, you’ll want to brand your video with a logo overlay on the bottom right of your screen. Most video editing software makes this easy for editors.

You may also want to feature an intro and end screen showing your logo, address, and phone number.

Exporting Your Video

Once you’re happy with your cut, export the video as an MP4 file. You’ll need this video file to upload to most platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Make sure you name the video file with keywords and lowercase letters—for example, plumbing-repair-job-dallas.mp4.

Best Plumbing Video Editing Software

  • iMovie (free for iPhone / Mac users)
  • PowerDirector (free for Android / PC users)
  • Openshot (for Mac Users)
  • VideoPad (for PC Users)
  • Canva (web-based video editing)

Sharing Video Content for Plumbers

Now that you have your MP4 file, it’s time to share your video content online. The best places to share your video are YouTube and on your website via YouTube embed.

In both cases, you’ll need to first upload the file directly to your YouTube channel. 


Make sure you create a YouTube channel for your plumbing company if you don’t already have one. A YouTube channel connects to your Gmail account, so you’ll need one of those if you don’t currently have one.

Once you make a channel or log in to your existing one, select the “create” button to upload your MP4 file.

YouTube will then prompt you to enter a title, description, thumbnail, tags, and more.

For best results, use a keyword-rich YouTube title and upload a visually appealing thumbnail image. Next, use keyword-relevant tags and write a 300-500-word description for your video.

Roto Rooter YouTube Embed (Screenshot)

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, which makes it an untapped marketing channel for plumbers.

Website (YouTube Embed)

It’s critical to embed videos on your website to increase conversion rates. While most website providers allow you to upload videos directly to your site, it’s better to use a YouTube embed feature.

When YouTube hosts your video, you save space on your website server. 

Furthermore, YouTube videos are eligible to rank on Google SERPs, creating more SEO opportunities and brand synergy among your website and channel.

If you have a WordPress website, YouTube embeds are very simple. Select the “YouTube” block in the WordPress editor and place it wherever you want throughout your content.

Plumbing Video Website Embeds (Screenshot)

If you use something besides WordPress, you can copy the embed code from your YouTube link and paste it as HTML within your content.


While Facebook is less important than the two platforms listed above, sharing videos on your Facebook business page is still helpful. In this case, you can upload the MP4 file directly to Facebook rather than sharing the YouTube embed.

In addition, since Facebook hosts the video file, it won’t bog down your website.

Although Facebook business pages don’t get much organic reach, users who search for your business page before hiring want to see visual content.

Roto Rooter Facebook Video (Screenshot)

You can increase conversions by posting your videos directly on your Facebook page.


Instagram has two primary video options (stories and reels). However, your video clips are limited to 60 seconds. As a result, Instagram is good for sharing clips of your longer videos that foster user engagement.

Remember that IG stories disappear after 24 hours, so if you’re looking for a more long-term benefit, utilize Instagram reels.

Plumbing Instagram Reel (Screenshot)

Source: MechanicallyIncleyend

Benefits of Video Marketing for Plumbers

Video marketing helps plumbers primarily through SEO and conversions.

Every time you introduce high-quality content to the web and optimize it for search, you have a chance to acquire new traffic and customers. Video content is no different than regular text content in that respect. 

Video SERP Results for Plumbing Query

YouTube videos can rank on YouTube search and Google searches, potentially doubling their reach to future plumbing consumers.


YouTube videos regularly rank on Google search results, especially for how-to queries. In addition, embedded YouTube videos often appear on SERPs as a SERP enhancement for your ranking website page.

Since Google owns YouTube, the SEO synergy between the two platforms is evident. Plumbing companies can take advantage of this.


Videos increase conversion rates by an estimated 86%, making them critical to any plumbing marketing strategy. Users value trust, expertise, and familiarity when choosing their next plumber, and video helps foster those perceptions. 

So, there’s no downside to producing high-quality videos for your plumbing company.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing for plumbing contractors is integral in the modern digital marketing landscape. Today’s consumers value visual content that fosters trust, expertise, and brand awareness. 

Perhaps most importantly, video content can be distributed across multiple marketing channels, including YouTube, company websites, and Facebook.

Ultimately, plumbing video content is a no-brainer for successful business owners.