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Strong Plumbing Brand = High Conversion Rates (Podcast)

Strong brand signals increase conversions for plumbing companies in 2022. If you’ve ever wondered why SEO works for some people and does not work for others, the answer is in the brand. A well-known plumbing company with a branded presence typically dominates online and grows its business over time.

In today’s The Plumbing SEO podcast episode, Nolen and Jason dive into the importance of branding for conversion rates. You can watch the video version of the podcast below:

What is a Plumbing Brand?

A plumbing brand is an intangible concept rooted in consumers’ perception of a company, product, or individual. In laypeople’s terms, it’s how people feel about your plumbing company. 

If they don’t feel anything at all, that’s a problem. If they feel disgusted, that’s a problem. The goal is to make them associate credibility, trust, and competence with your brand, making them feel positive emotions.

What are Brand Signals?

The literal definition of a brand has existed for centuries. However, the digital landscape has expanded what a brand means for plumbers. In Google’s eyes, brand signals help construct the hierarchy of plumbing companies and influence their rankings, conversions, and appeal.

Company Website

Your plumbing company website is one of the most crucial brand signals. By publishing a high-quality website, your plumbing bsuiness is showcasing a digital business card to the world. In addition, your website sends clear signals to Google about your brand with proper coding and SEO.

Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is another extension of your brand. In this case, it is directly affiliated with Google itself. As you know, Google shows GBP listings on the Local Map 3-Pack, which appear for the majority of local searches. An optimized GBP works wonders for brand signaling.

3rd-Party Reviews

Reviews from credible platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others serve as critical brand signals for plumbers. Getting reviews on these networks allows customers to research your company quickly and for Google to assign legitimacy to your business. 

Of course, positive reviews are most valuable, but accumulating feedback, in general, is a brand signal.

When a customer searches for your brand name on Google, they demonstrate prior knowledge of its existence. For example, they may have heard about your company from a friend or seen the name mentioned on Nextdoor or another community network. 

They may have seen your ad on Facebook or another platform in some cases. It doesn’t matter how they came to learn of your company, only that they took action. Once Google registers that lots of people are searching directly for your brand name, they will assign more value to your online entity. 

Social Media Activity

A social media presence is another valuable brand signal for plumbers. YouTube is especially effective if you produce videos of your staff and even self-made commercials. Embedding YouTube videos on your website and other social platforms further expands its brand signal value. Other popular social networks include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Brands Impact on Conversions

Consumer psychology always gravitates towards trust and comfort. Your potential clients are ready to spend money on plumbing services, and they want to get it right the first time. By establishing your brand using some of the strategies listed above, you can become that credible customer brand. 

Remember that offline actions like in-person greetings, fundraiser events, and performing excellent services contribute to your brand. Your offline activities will manifest themselves online as well, in the form of customer reviews. If you understand the synergy of a plumbing brand, you have a great chance to dominate your local market in 2022.

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