Category: Internet Marketing

How to Self-Audit Your Own Company Website

Finding traction in the online marketplace takes time, money, and patience. SEO for plumbers is a highly competitive environment, after all. There comes a point however, where prudent business owners should start wondering about the effectiveness of their current marketing strategy. Since the company website[Read the Full Article]

Google Bans Self-Serving Review Snippets

Google updated its policy on review snippets in September 2019. The platform now bans self-serving reviews that will apply to most plumbers and other local businesses and organizations. Google’s use of rich snippets can still help plumbing websites enhance their SERP result, but reviews are no longer[Read the Full Article]

3 Call To Action Ideas for Plumbers

What is a Call To Action (CTA) for Plumbers? A call-to-action (CTA) is an element (usually a clickable button) that encourages users to complete the desired action (i.e., phone call, email subscription, etc.). For plumbers, a CTA commonly urges website visitors to schedule services or[Read the Full Article]


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