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6 Tips To Generate Emergency Plumbing Leads in 2023

Blog Post Cover for Emergency Plumbing Leads

Plumbers can take several steps to generate plumbing leads through digital marketing, advertising, and brand development. However, emergency plumbing leads present a new set of challenges for lead generation. 

For instance, emergency leads come with urgency and require specific resources to meet their demands. In the following post, Plumbing Webmasters offers six tips to generate emergency plumbing leads in 2023.

1) Target Emergency Plumbing Keywords With SEO

Your company website targets plumber, plumbing services, and plumbing repair keywords. However, you will need to target keywords with user intent to generate emergency leads.

For example, the phrase emergency plumber near me is vital for your SEO campaign. Optimize a service page specifically for emergency repairs and write content to support the topic.

SEO involves inserting keywords within your title tags, meta descriptions, and on-page content. Don’t forget about the image alt text and your URL slug or permalink.

Of course, you can further boost your SEO by linking from other website pages to the page you are trying to rank. Make sure you use anchor texts that contain the emergency keyword.

Screenshot of MOZ Keyword List for Emergency Plumbing Repair

2) Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Using a series of tactics, you can generate emergency leads for plumbers through your Google Business Profile. The most impactful one will be naming your plumbing company something like Jim’s Emergency Plumbing Service.

If your keyword exists within your business name, you will garner more clicks and impressions through Google Maps.

Next, be sure to add emergency plumbing to your list of services on your profile. Google allows listing managers to add and edit services offered.

Other steps you can take include uploading photos of emergency plumbing jobs and requesting reviews from clients who requested emergency services.

If their reviews mention the service you performed, it can boost your profile.

Plumbing GMB Listing

Bonus Tip: Make sure the website connected to your Google Business Profile has content about “emergency plumbing,” as Google Maps will scan your associated site for website justifications.

3) Run Google Ads for Emergency Plumbing Terms

SEO can take a while to implement, so consider investing in Google Ads for short-term emergency plumbing leads. You can run ads for keywords like emergency plumbing repair near me and appear above organic results. You will pay each time someone clicks on your Google Ad, so make sure you monitor the cost per click and your campaign budget.

Clicks are only as valuable as their conversion rate, so make sure you lead users to a well-designed landing page for conversion. The fastest way to blow your marketing budget is to pay for worthless clicks that produce zero ROI. For example, your Google Ads landing page should make it easy for customers to contact your plumbing company.

Google Ads PPC Screenshot for Emergency Plumber

Customers needing emergency services will want to contact you ASAP, so ensure your ad reflects your ability to resolve their plumbing issue quickly.

4) Buy Emergency Plumbing Leads

You reserve the option to buy plumbing leads from a 3rd-party provider. These platforms typically generate leads using the methods above but then sell those leads to contractors.

Emergency leads will cost more than a typical lead since the hourly rate is higher per job. Be careful where you purchase leads since some platforms run shady services in this area.

When purchasing emergency plumbing leads, ensure you get exclusive leads instead of shared leads.

Exclusives are for your business directly, while shared leads force you to compete with other plumbers for the same prospect. Ultimately, exclusive leads are more valuable and more likely to convert in 2023.

5) Brand Your Business as an Emergency Specialist

If you want to get referral leads for emergency plumbing, you must brand your business as a specialty service. For example, name your company something like Davis’ Brothers Emergency Plumbing Service.

This way, all of your marketing materials will drive home your specialty, and you can become the obvious choice for word-of-mouth referrals.

We noted earlier how a keyword-rich company name could increase your Google Maps rankings locally, but its impact extends beyond that.

For example, if your domain name has the keyword within it, you can expect an organic SEO boost and the ability to establish topical authority.

In addition, building 50+ content pages/posts around this topic can boost your ranking.

Screenshot of Emergency Plumber Brand Logo From Website

6) Run Emergency Plumbing Ads on Nextdoor

Aside from Google Ads, Nextdoor is the best place to advertise emergency plumbing services and generate leads.

Because Nextdoor is like a digital word-of-mouth platform, the users’ comfort level is higher than with Facebook and other social media platforms.

People are essentially discussing plumbing services with their neighbors.

Because emergency services are urgent, you must reach customers who actively seek plumbing repairs.

However, it’s unlikely that a user will go to Facebook to find an emergency plumber, so running Facebook Ads is less logical than for standard plumbing services. 

NextDoor Screenshot

Final Thoughts on Emergency Plumbing Lead Generation

The tips above can help plumbing companies increase emergency leads in 2023. At Plumbing Webmasters, we highly recommend using DataPins to increase your lead generation sources.

Each time you perform an emergency plumbing job in a specific service area, you can pin that job to your website. Google Maps will scan your site and may add a “website justification” to your Google Business Profile.

Furthermore, DataPins allows you to request a review from that customer and display it online.