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Facebook Ads for Plumbers (2024 Guide w/Examples)

Facebook Ads for Plumbers (Blog Cover)

What are Facebook Ads for Plumbers?

Plumbing Facebook Ads are advertisements appearing in the Facebook News Feed and other placement areas (on mobile and desktop) aimed at achieving a specific campaign objective, such as awareness, engagement, leads, and more.

Plumbing Companies can run ads through Meta Business Suite, which oversees advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram.

How Much Do Plumber Facebook Ads Cost?

A typical Facebook ad for plumbing companies costs $7 per 100 impressions or $1 per click. However, cost varies based on factors like location, prominence, and brand recognition.

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Expert Analysis

Plumbers can invest in Facebook Lead Ads to acquire new local customers for an affordable cost per lead.

Facebook Plumbing Ads Examples

Types of Facebook Ads


Plumbers can use image ads in the News Feed to showcase services. Branded images displaying your team and staff create the most engagement and clicks. 


Plumbing companies can also utilize video ads in Facebook’s News Feed to showcase services. The most encouraging videos include your team at work accompanied by audio and subtitles.


Plumbing contractors can use carousel ads for multiple images in the News Feed. You can add up to 10 photos or videos for your ad, each with a separate link. Carousel ads are ideal for promoting multiple service types in a single ad.

Instant Experience 

Plumbers can use Facebook Instant Experience ads (formerly Canvas ads) to present instantaneous mobile advertisements that capture your audience’s attention. Users can engage with videos, photos, and carousels within a single ad. 


Plumbing professionals may not need Collection ads since they target product-based sales, which most plumbers avoid. Like Instant Experience ads, Collection ads reach users on their mobile devices. 

Facebook Advertising Objectives for Plumbers

Before crafting a Facebook ad, plumbers must set a business goal. Your objective should reflect how you want users to act once seeing your promotion.

For instance, if your goal is to showcase your new plumbing website, you can launch an ad that gets traffic to your URL.

Check out the list of objectives below.


Awareness objectives create interest in your plumbing services. Producing more awareness showcases your brand and its value.

One example is a plumber looking to expand their service area to a nearby town. By using the brand awareness goal, you can launch a campaign that inspires locals to choose your plumbing company.


Consideration objectives get users thinking about your overall brand. One example might be a local plumber with a new website who uses a traffic objective to streamline new visitors to the website and allow your on-site conversion optimization to do the rest.


Conversion objectives are more suited to storefront businesses. Although they typically produce store traffic, plumbers can still creatively utilize them to get on-site sign-ups and other exciting engagements.

For most plumbing companies, objectives evolve. New plumbers may initially focus primarily on awareness. As they build more customers, their goals may progress toward capturing new clients in other service areas. Of course, your company’s budget may also dictate its objectives.

Facebook Ads work best when combined with other digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, and will yield the best ROI in 2024.

Facebook Lead Ads for Plumbing Companies

Some plumbers may hope to convert new customers directly on Facebook. Sometimes, businesses lose out on leads when they visit your website or landing page. As a solution, Facebook Lead Ads create a more straightforward process.

The social platform pre-fills lead forms with the user’s information, like name, phone number, etc., so that more people complete the submission. 

Mobile Consideration

Submitting forms on mobile can be a significant deterrence for prospects. Facebook’s pre-filled mobile forms eliminate one of the most significant causes of drop-offs.

Audience Targeting

Not everyone needs your plumbing services. Spending your advertising money on the right audience can streamline lead generation to focus on the most probable clients.

In 2024, Meta’s Advantage+ audience targeting produces the most cost-effective results. This AI-driven algorithm optimizes your ad’s reach to deliver your ads to the most optimal audience.

While some advertisers still prefer to control targeting by restricting ad targeting to users with specific “interests,” they will never be more intelligent than the algorithm.

Luckily, Meta offers a “best of both worlds” option by allowing campaign managers to list specific user interests, such as “homeownership” or “home improvement,” as suggestions to help direct the Advantage+ algorithm.

Survey Application

Qualify your leads further with custom forms that eliminate false leads and spam. Filter out wasted resources and focus on ROI.

CRM Integration

Get plumbing leads to send directly to your 3rd party CRM so you can complete your standard sales process with each prospect. 

Facebook Ad Budget for Plumbing Businesses

Your budget is how much you spend on ads and helps you control spending for a specific ad set or campaign. You can either choose an overall campaign budget or assign individual funds to each ad set. Facebook’s built-in CBO tool automatically optimizes your budget if you utilize its presence.

Campaign Budgets

Campaign budgets utilize CBO by default, automatically optimizing your campaign budget in real time. The tool allows advertisers to focus on other areas while the algorithm does the heavy lifting of budget management.

Ad Set Budgets

Alternatively, plumbers may set specific budgets for each ad set, which gives advertisers more control but more work. Manual ad-set budgeting can be helpful for companies with dynamic objectives. 

Daily Budgets

Your daily budget is how much you spend on a set or campaign daily. If you’re looking for consistent results, daily budgets often work best. It can also eliminate complications of distributing separate fund amounts each day. Keep in mind that daily budgets have no hard cap.

Lifetime Budgets

A lifetime budget is what you’ll spend over a campaign or ad set’s entire span. Unlike daily funds, lifetime budgets do have a hard cap. If you can’t exceed a specific number, lifetime budgets work best. Your daily spending will likely vary, however, despite the lifetime cap.

Get The Most Out of Your Plumber Facebook Ads

According to Statista, Facebook Advertising grossed 2.02 million in ad spend in 2023. It’s no secret that businesses spend on Facebook. However, many of these dollars ultimately created zero returns.

Plumbers must be clever with their ad spend and focus on their creativity to maximize results.

Consider partnering with HVAC-Plumber SEO Webmasters for your Facebook Advertising needs in 2024 and beyond.

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