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Keywords are most frequently associated PPC, and even more so with organic SEO. In fact, the two concepts are often perceived as interconnected. While SEO is much more expansive than a single element, keywords remain one of the most important aspects of optimization. In today’s episode of The Plumbing SEO Podcast, we discuss how plumbers can rank for high volume keywords with buyer’s intent. As you listen to the podcast, or watch its corresponding video, you should be aware of the following ideas:

What is a Plumbing Keyword?

A plumbing keyword is a term or phrase that users search for on Google. Different analytical tools across the web provide data that projects how often a term or phrase is searched for. The projected number is known in SEO circles as “search volume.” and is usually divided up on a per month basis. So if a term like plumbing repair is said to have 1,200 search volume, the presumption is that 1,200 users search that exact term in a give month.

Keyword Research for Plumbers

The aforementioned tools help plumbers and their marketing representatives track and target the most relevant and opportunistic keywords. Depending on the current standing of your website, you may have a legitimate chance to rank for highly competitive keywords, or you may have far less of a chance. That’s why effective research requires context and a defined set of goals for your company. Some of the best tools available on the web for keyword research include:

The Evolution of Plumbing Keywords

Before recently, Google’s algorithm was not yet able to truly perceive the context of a search query. This made the job of an SEO somewhat simple, as their only focus was on the keyword itself. Today, Google’s algorithm is now able to perceive context which makes SEO more difficult but creates a superior user experience. Instead of a verbatim keyword being enough to rank a website #1, the content must now contain supporting language known as LSI or semantic search. The most basic way to describe the idea is as the usage of synonyms to craft a page of content that really matches the searcher’s intent, rather than the text exclusively. This of course supports Google’s goal of enhancing user experience. In 2019, plumbing keywords are influenced by:

  • Content Quality
  • Semantic Search (LSI)
  • User Intent

Ranking for Keywords

There’s a variety of factors that go into ranking keywords, more than just the concepts listed previously. Sometimes ranking has more to do with ancillary components than the content itself. Sure, content is the fuel, but SEO is the engine. Things like the age of your domain name, its domain authority, and its brand syndication across the web play major roles in determining the ranking of a keyword. There was a time in the mid-2000’s where brand new websites could rank on page one for a keyword within months. Today’ that’s only possible for terms and phrases that have little to no competition. The primary factors that influence ranking are:

  • Brand Syndication: Establishing a presence through NAP citations, social media, and other off site properties
  • Domain Age: The number of years and months since your domain was first registered
  • Domain Authority: The authority and trust of your domain based primarily on inbound links

Keyword Ranking for Plumbers Analysis

Keyword Placement for Plumbers

Before Google’s algorithm could recognize context, most SEO’s engaged in a behavior known as keyword stuffing. This tactic was used to enter as many instances of a keyword as possible. Some would even resort to unethical means to stuff their pages even more. They would hide the text by using white text coloring so that only Google’s crawlers could see the hundreds of extra keywords, but the user could not. Needless to say Google was able to police this and now penalizes anyone who engages in it. Still, keyword stuffing of any kind should be avoided. That means using the term or phrases unnaturally throughout sentences. You should still place keywords in the following areas (but in context):

  • Image Alt Text / File Name: Rename the image file using the keyword and then tag it in the Alt Text as well
  • Meta Description: The description of the page, known as the “meta”
  • Paragraph Text: Used at least once in the paragraph (body) content, but in a natural way that appeals to the reader
  • Title Tag: The SEO title of the page
  • URL: If possible, it’s good to use the term or phrase in the URL slug itself

Help With Ranking Keywords for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing Webmasters is a digital marketing agency for plumbers. We focus on best practice SEO, and have been doing so for close to a decade. Each year, Google has evolved to strengthen their algorithm and better determine the searcher’s intent. Our team of marketing experts has followed suit, and adjusted to create websites and content that meet Google’s standards and best appeal to the target user. We will work to rank you at the top of search results for relevant keywords in your service location. Some of our specific services include:

  • Content Writing: Proper keyword placement requires quality writing and the usage of LSI keywords
  • Keyword Research: Tools like MOZ & SEMRush help determine opportunity
  • On Page SEO: Title, Meta, and Header tags are great places for keywords
  • Off Site SEO: Building inbound links and NAP citations helps increase authority and earn trust
  • Website Design: Having a mobile-friendly website with engaging design encourages Google to rank your site

Ranking for keywords has become more competitive in recent years, and that figures to continue well beyond 2019. The best way to combat the influx of new adversaries is to invest in digital marketing that is specific to your niche. The plumbing industry often looks for top 50 keywords which can still be helpful, but must be integrated with a shift in focus towards semantic search. When websites have the total package, meaning; great design, great content, and great domain authority, ranking for top keywords becomes much more attainable. To get started with keyword ranking for your local company, give Plumbing Webmasters a call at (877) 388-9884.

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