Ranking #1 on Google

By now, it’s common knowledge that businesses in page one of Google’s search engine results enjoy the lion’s share of leads. It takes metaphorical blood, sweat, and tears to break into that front page, where fierce competition threatens and changing Google algorithms threaten to eject even long-time favorites. Just getting to the first page is a challenge in itself, but what about plumbing companies that crave that top position? Ranking #1 on Google for plumbing companies demands extensive search engine optimization, aggressive networking, and tireless dedication to crafting fresh content.

Does your plumbing company have what it takes? 

Redefining What it Means to Be #1

Have you taken a look at the search landscape lately? Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) may look different than you remember. There are all kinds of listing types now! Results from organic plumbing SEO might not even make it above the fold (initial information visible without scrolling down). You may see any of the following types of results on the front page:

  • Featured Snippets (Rich Answers, Videos)
  • Paid Ads (Google Adwords, Shopping Listings)
  • Local Packs
  • People Also Ask Questions
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Organic Results (Normal, Rich, With Links)
  • and More!
Different Types of SERP Features Used for Ranking #1 on Google

Consider Which SERP Features Offer the Best Results for Your Plumbing Company.

These SERP features dominate the result page real estate that was once exclusively provided for plain organics. As a result, pun intended, there are numerous paths to ranking #1 on Google. Depending on what kind of SERP listing your business pursues however, you could see dramatically different results.

We’ll dig into what a plumbing company needs to earn the top spot in each type of search result category.

Organic & SEO

Organic Plumbing Search Results

As plumber SEO shows us time and time again, rankings heavily depend on a website’s design, cumulative keyword strategy, and professional content. Almost all other elements of online marketing spring off your plumbing company website. In turn, potential customers generated by PPC ads (which we’ll talk about later), social media marketing, and other endeavors ultimately filter into your homepage.

Learn How About Ranking #1 on Google Through Website Development

Even Simplistic Design Can Create Stronger Confidence if Organized Well!

Localized keyword optimization also helps drive your business towards top organic placement. Landing on the front page of search results takes thorough keyword research, but ranking #1 on Google demands even more off-page optimization. There are plenty of ways to enhance your plumbing SEO results, such as:

  • Meta-Tags
  • Custom URL Slugs
  • Alt Image Text
  • Categorized Site Structure
  • and Others

Master these elements, and you’ll start edging up in the Google ranks. Now, onto other SERP types!

Featured Snippets

Premium Snippet Search Results

Nothing creates a sense of authority like earning a featured snippet on one Google’s search engine results pages. That kind of authority goes a long way in building trust with a potential customer, especially those looking for a solution for a frightening plumbing repair problem. But how can your plumbing company earn a spot in a featured snippet?

3 Ways Plumbing Companies Can Earn Snippets

  • Get a lot of outstanding reviews.
  • Answer a very specific but popular consumer question.
  • Create a detailed step-by-step tutorial, especially with video.

What Better Way to Build Trust Than to Be the Authority on Fixing a Common Problem?

Google draws information from numerous resources when it comes to rankings. In order to gauge your E-A-T factors (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness), the search engine searches for citations on your services from all the major reviewing companies (Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.). It also examines your Google Reviews. Once your plumbing company earns a high enough number of stellar reviews, you’ll naturally score a spot in local “top” lists. 

Plumbing problems can make any homeowner run to the internet for guidance. Be ready for them with an insightful, detailed guide to solve their crisis, and you’ll be ranking #1 on Google in no time. Just make sure to produce your answer in a bulleted or numerical step-by-step format! Google likes those a lot.

Local Packs

Local Pack Search Results

While organic plumbing SEO certainly offers compelling results, one of the most thrilling wins to experience in a Google SERP is a listing in a local pack! 

Companies Ranking #1 on Google Through a Local Pack Feature

Look at All the Rich Information Outlined in a Local Pack SERP Listing!

Contact information, hours of operation, reviews, and a direct link to your website from the front page of search results. No wonder so many plumbing companies consider the local pack to be the Holy Grail of business marketing! The best news of all? Google has already done most of the hard work to prepare your business for these local listing.

Here’s how to get your business listed in a pack!

  1. Take advantage of your free Google My Business listing. Fill in all the contact information!
  2. Direct your clients to Google Reviews to rate your services.
  3. Make sure your website is designed and written properly for localized plumber SEO.

That’s it! Keep doing good business and providing excellent customer service for your community. You should start seeing your business listing show up more and more in your area of service.

Paid Search

Adwords Paid Search Results

Paying your way to Ranking #1 on Google almost feels like cheating, but the results speak for themselves! When it comes to highly contested industry keywords, paid ads allow businesses to bypass thousands of listings and claim the top real estate in search engine results pages. Of all the SERP features we’ve discussed, paid search is by far the easiest way to generate leads quickly.

An Example of Ranking #1 on Google Through PPC

If You’ve Already Done Your Homework in Keyword Strategy, PPC is a Natural Step Forward.

Again, keyword research plays an essential role in the success of your PPC campaigns. Choose localized, high-volume keywords and take some time to test out different versions of ads. If you need to, consult with a PPC expert about developing long-term strategy for your business. Don’t forget about Facebook Marketing either! It might not be page one of a Google SERP, but thousands of locals still consider Facebook listings when searching for essential services.

Claim the Top Spot in Your Service Area!

While Google’s search results may look very different than they did ten years ago, one thing remains the same. Ranking #1 on Google still produces outstanding opportunities for your business! Competition may be fierce, but plumber SEO and PPC offer more ways than ever to claim the top spot. Don’t be afraid to try out multiple strategies to find your success.

As always, the Plumbing Webmasters are here to guide your journey to #1. Our clients regularly dominate top positions in their local search engine results. To learn how our experienced and friendly marketing professionals can help your plumbing company rank up, give us a call.

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