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Social Media Marketing for Plumbers

Plumbing Webmasters offers social media marketing as part of our plumbing SEO service plan. As a top-rated agency, we know that social signals are a Google ranking factor. Plumbers who can establish a brand through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have a better chance of appearing on Google SERPs. With decades worth of client data to back up our claims, our SEO process always includes a social media marketing chapter. Here’s why:

  • Social Signals Are a Google Ranking Factor
  • Social Media Profiles Appear on Google SERPs for Branded Search
  • Social Media NoFollow Links Strengthen Website URLs
  • Social Media Engagement Increases Web Traffic

What is Social Media Marketing for Plumbers?

Social media marketing is any promotion of your plumbing company through a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Common examples of social media marketing include sharing blog posts, articles, and video content on your social timeline.


Why is Social Media Important for Plumbers?

Social media is important for plumbing companies because the majority of your future customers spend time on at least one social platform where they engage with countless forms of media, businesses, and other influencers. Contractors who take the time to build a social media presence have a greater advantage over non-social competitors in SEO, conversions, and customer interaction.

Plumbing Social Media Adult Users (Stats)

Social Media Marketing Platforms

In addition to expanding your visibility, social networks play a crucial role in connecting with your clients, impressing new clients, and maintaining a sense of customer loyalty. Clients love when they can interact with their go-to service and product companies. So be sure to monitor your social pages’ comments and answer them with thank you’s, good jobs, and friendly tips. But wait, there’s more! Search engines love to see your social accounts, helping them identify your business as an authority and allowing you to send out helpful backlinks on your social accounts.

As far as paid ads on social networks go, they can serve as a handy tool and efficiently target your preferred audience. However, having your plumbing company at the top of organic search results will always produce better results than paid ads in terms of money spent vs. money gained. In addition, since SEO is an organic option, efforts can be as endless as needed without extra expense, while PPC social media campaigns can quickly become costly. As a result, plumbing SEO earns a much higher return on investment when compared to paid ads.


Facebook has adjusted its algorithm to prevent content spamming with the hopes of bringing people closer together. As the internet continues to evolve, expect more changes in the social landscape. Facebook is a valuable resource for advertising, but its marketing opportunities have grown increasingly limited over time. Still, it is critical that every plumber creates a Facebook Business Page so that customers can leave recommendations for your business, or send messages or requests.


Instagram is a great place to market your services in 2021 through Instagram Stories along with traditional visual posts. Since Instagram is driven by visuals you should be less concerned with text-based content. For instance, you can’t share links on Instagram (besides within your bio) so you must focus on displaying your plumbing company visually. Consider following team members as they perform jobs in the field, and documenting it through IG stories.


More Americans consume YouTube videos than cable television, allowing plumbers a chance to get out in front of a massive audience in ways that were once impossible. Most smartphones are capable of recording and editing HQ videos in 2021, negating the requirement for a professional camera and editing software. It’s now simple to record, edit, and publish appealing videos on YouTube.


Twitter is a forum where users can engage with businesses like yours through their mobile or desktop app. While Twitter for plumbers reaches fewer users than YouTube, it remains a strong signal for company branding and authority. Customers may also attempt to contact your business through Twitter for customer service needs, which is why it is critical to create a profile and link back to your primary website.

Social Media ROI for Plumbers

Social networking can be great for your plumbing company, but only when sufficient time and resources are invested. The Plumbing Webmasters team provides social media marketing services and strategies to local plumbers just like you, so you can focus on running your business. We manage your entire online web presence, and at your request, we can effectively manage your social presence as well! Plumber SEO is generally regarded as expensive to first-time clients. But when you consider the benefits below, the reward is well worth it:

  • Brand Expansion
  • Customer Interaction
  • Link Generation
  • Search Visibility

Once you optimize your website for essential plumbing keywords in your target demographic, you will see a dramatic boost in your plumbing company’s success. When combined with targeted SEO, the return on investment for social media marketing services is one of the highest returns plumbers can get from any digital marketing plan. This service isn’t about gimmicks or luck. Instead, we help you market more innovative so that you can pay significantly less for ads online.

Social Media Services for Plumbers

At Plumbing Webmasters, we offer various social media marketing services designed to help our clients succeed. Our social marketing strategies are detailed, comprehensive plans that will help you connect, reach new clients, and increase conversion rates. We can help you with any social outlet you would like to pursue, but we primarily focus on the enormous traffic accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ever considered utilizing Twitter as a marketing tool for plumbers? Unfortunately, most plumbers leave this valuable asset untouched! We can even help you boost your plumber company’s online marketing with Instagram. Despite the seemingly limited nature of Instagram, this platform is gowning every day as a marketing gold mine. A primary goal in social marketing is to earn consumer attention whenever a necessity for plumbing services arises. We are happy to assist you with any social platform you may need to increase your visibility and conversion rates.

Free Social Media Advertising Analysis for Plumbers

We take our customer base very seriously. We know there is a wide range of options for plumbers to choose from when pursuing internet marketing. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being a digital marketing company that specializes in the plumbing industry. We are very in tune with the pulse of the plumbing community and know what it takes to market your services properly.