Plumber Social Media Data Analysis

Plumber Social Media Data Analysis

It is Critical to Analyze Social Media Data

Plumbers who engage in social media can improve their strategy through data analysis. Social media is not just a blind attempt to brand your company and engage with users, it is a measurable and powerful tool that can serve as a pillar of your online marketing strategy. Social media platforms that offer measurement tools include:

  • Facebook: Offers the intuitive Facebook Insights tools
  • LinkedIn: Presents Content Marketing Score as well as Trending Content
  • Twitter: Offers the popular Twitter Analytics suite
  • YouTube: Presents informative metrics with YouTube Analytics

Investing in Plumbing Webmasters will get you social profiles on each of these platforms, if you don’t have them already. In addition, you will have a team of analysts measuring your data and using it to improve performance. Plumbers looking to start 2018 on the right note should invest in social media data analysis. Give us a call today at (877) 388-9884.

Performance Indicators in Social Media Data

Twitter Tablet Analysis

User Interactions Are One of Several Social Indicators 

Now that you know the platforms which support data measurement, it is time you determine what to measure. There are several things we look for in social media data analysis. The ultimate goal is to track performance as it relates to customer acquisition as well as user engagement. Plumbing companies should focus on the following areas of social media data:

  • Audience Behavior: Tracking how your audience behaves helps determine their intentions
  • Brand Reputation: Perhaps the most important aspect of social media is reputation building and maintenance
  • Customer Reach: Social media should cast a wide net on potential plumbing customers
  • User Interactions: It is critical to gauge how often, and how effectively users are able to interact with your social profile

It is common sense that activity is an indicator of effectiveness as it pertains to social media. But digging deeper into the numbers can reveal valuable insight into how to improve your overall content strategy. How users behave will tell you what they need. This can expand from your social profiles to your website, and more effectively attract new customers.

Accumulating Social Media Data

Facebook Ipad AnalysisThere is no secret strategy that will make your social media pages popular overnight. To generate enough to data to draw useful conclusions, you will need a consistent social media schedule. Before that, you must properly brand all your pages to include a company logo, contact information, and a little bit about what makes your company valuable to potential customers.

Regardless of the social platform in question, you will want to create engagement. On Twitter this means accumulating followers and re-tweets, on Facebook it means likes and shares, and on YouTube it means views and comments. In each case, Plumbing Webmasters can help you analyze the data and ultimately improve your social media performance. For plumber social media data analysis, give us a call at (877) 388-9884.