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Sunset West Plumber & Rooter | True Client Stories

With hundreds of clients across the United States, our team at Plumbing Webmasters hears some pretty fantastic stories. Naturally, we’re thrilled to listen when our clients call back with the latest revenue milestone or ranking triumph. Every once in a while however, a plumbing company delivers a truly awe-inspiring testimony of success.

Those are the stories we love to share the most!

Today, Jason and Nolen share the story of Jimmy, a king among California plumbers. This hardworking professional now sits at the top of search results for dozens and dozens of high-volume keywords in his community. It’s not just any community either; it’s the Westside of Los Angeles. Be sure to listen in and see what ideas you can take away!

Learn Some Amazing SEO Tips for Plumbing!

  • While organic ranking takes time, local rankings can change quickly with the right tools!
  • Plumbers can rank high for hundreds of keywords, not just a couple dozen.
  • SEO grants opportunity for sustainable growth.
  • Organic SEO produces cheap, high quality results that would cost thousands in PPC ads.

A California Plumbing King

When it comes to SEO, success is often measured in keyword victories. It’s no mystery that ranking for the right plumbing key phrases can rapidly increase both leads and revenue potential. Four years ago, that goal seemed out of reach for Jimmy, a Los Angeles resident and plumbing professional.

Today, he sits atop of throne of hundreds of premium keywords! He is most certainly winning.

When Plumbing Webmasters founder Nolen Walker last spoke with Jimmy, the Californian enthusiastically shared that his business was adding a new truck and plumbing pro every year. New clients continue to pour in, while his existing client base thrives more than ever before. He’s living the dream and providing a reliable source of employment for local plumbers. Business only continues to grow.

Jimmy’s Journey Up the Ranks

So how did Jimmy go from fledgling plumber to enjoying map pack listings and page 1 organic results for hundreds of keywords? It all started with an enthusiastic marketing plan.

He needed a website. That much was obvious. But his website needed to overcome a substantial number of ranking competitors to earn real traffic and leads. That meant substantial search engine optimization (SEO) work from a seasoned team. So he turned to the Plumbing Webmasters for help.

Our Web Development & SEO Process

Organizing and Optimizing Service Pages

Plumbers need to provide that information in the form of categorized service pages. Our team took Jimmy’s core list of services and constructed individual pages for every single one. Each service received tailored content describing the needs, circumstances, and benefits surrounding it. We poured in a swath of keywords, headers, original images, meta tags, and more. Our content writers delivered a healthy mix of short and long-tail keywords to enable both brand growth and immediate lead potential.

No matter what anyone says, Google isn’t omniscient. They don’t magically know everything there is to know about your services and operating community. Some well-meaning plumbing professionals believe that a simple bullet list of solutions on their homepage is enough to convey exactly what they do. That’s wrong.

Arranging Citation Sources

Jimmy would also require a reliable channel of reviews for his business. These are the lifeblood of SEO, accelerating growth (rankings, traffic, conversions, etc) across the board. Reviews sources, or citation sources, also provide verification of your services.

We got to work optimizing West Sunset Plumber & Rooter’s citations, including his Google My Business (GMB) listing. The GMB profile heavily influences local search performance, so it’s crucial to fully optimize the listing. We also ensured Jimmy’s other citation sources, such as his Facebook Business account, were aligned with the GMB information. Many plumbers don’t realize that even a slight difference between the profiles (such as an altered address abbreviation) can cause Google to doubt their legitimacy.

Geotagging: Check-ins & Reviews

We also embedded our Righteous Reviews reputation management software into the website. This enabled Jimmy to create check-ins whenever he left a job site, upload a short description and photo of the project, and tag it to the related service and city pages. The associated pages updated automatically to show the latest areas Jimmy provided service.

Google absolutely loves the geotagged data associated with these check-ins, seeing it as undeniable proof of activity!

The software also allows requests for reviews via text and email. Those texts and emails are also geotagged and uploaded to their respective pages for double the SEO power. Of course, this program only works when our clients faithfully use it. Jimmy is wholeheartedly embracing the technology for even stronger rankings!

Where is Jimmy Now?

Four years later, Jimmy’s plumbing business is still kicking butt all over the Westside of Los Angeles. While the hardworking team at Plumbing Webmasters certainly helped, it was Jimmy’s enthusiasm for faithfully marketing and embracing best SEO practices that have earned him such overwhelming results. He serves as a prime example for plumbers across the US what can happen when you invest in the right marketing solutions.

Want to learn more about West Sunset Plumber & Rooter’s journey to success? Talk with one of our seasoned SEO professionals today! We’d love to see your business earn the same outstanding results. Contact us for a free consultation at (877) 388-9884.

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