Graphic Design for Plumbers

There’s a fine line that every graphic design expert walks as they craft a beautiful new website. Do they attempt to create the most visually stunning pages possible at the expense of functionality? Or should they skip aesthetics and aim for the most practical user experience (UX)? At the Plumbing Webmasters, our web development team knows that successful plumbing contractors need to blend convenience and professional design elements together.

In other words, plumbers should aim for pretty and practical!

An Example of a Plumbing Contractor's Homepage

Logo Design, Menu Navigation, and Calls to Action are Crucial Parts of Graphic Design.

Too many plumbing companies miss out on potential leads because their site creates a negative impression in customers. Graphic design plays a huge role in how people perceive your company. Mixed with competent plumber SEO (search engine optimization), design paves the way for long-term success. Here’s how…

Why Graphic Design Matters

Let’s say your website has just come hot off the press. Google crawlers discover your site, map the connected pages, then carefully index them for future searches. Initial placement generally depends on keyword optimization, engaging content, and functional site structure. After that, two factors ultimately determine your website’s rankings: ongoing content development and user interaction.

In essence, people visiting your site have a hand in your SERP (search engine results page) rankings. Whether their influence turns out to be positive or detrimental to your company hinges on the quality of your graphic design.

User Behavior

Design Influences User Behavior (Good or Bad)

If it seems like we’re heavily stressing professional graphic design, there’s a good reason. According to consumer research, it takes the average person only 0.05 seconds to form an initial impression about your website (SWEOR). The mind processes visual information even faster than we realize sometimes, meaning we quickly form opinions without taking in a lot of information.

What does that mean for your website? Before reading even a single sentence of content, your site visitors assess the professionalism of the graphic design and navigation. If they aren’t satisfied with what they see, many potential customers leave immediately.

Thankfully, there’s good news. Your plumbing company can make an outstanding first impression right off the bat. Homeowners and businesses aren’t looking for Nobel Prize-winning art. They simply expect convenient navigation, a professional logo, and pleasant design. Provide these elements, and you’ll immediately start building trust and confidence in people visiting your website. We’ll talk about these feelings more in just a bit.

Search Rankings

Graphic Design Affects Search Rankings

“Wait a minute. How do visual elements influence plumbing website SEO?” It’s actually a very simple process, driven by the user behavior we talked about earlier. Here’s how it happens.

Bad Graphic Design = Negative Influence

  • Step #1: Poor design disintegrates user trust and drives them to other sites.
  • Step #2: This higher bounce rate results in a lower evaluation of the site by Google.
  • Step #3: The site suffers lower rankings, making it harder for people to find it.

As you likely know already, ranking after the first page of search results leads to an exponentially smaller likelihood of a site getting found. Thankfully, our Plumbing Webmasters know the positive influence that an alluring design creates.

Great Graphic Design = Compound Positive Influence

  • Step #1: Clean, professional design promotes trust and confidence in users.
  • Step #2: Confident users stay longer and have a higher likelihood of becoming leads.
  • Step #3: Deeper user interaction causes Google to view your site as trustworthy.
  • Step #4: Your trusted site earns priority ranking from Google for even better exposure.
  • Step #5: Higher rankings mean higher click volume, more leads, and glowing reviews.
  • Step #6: These benefits lead to even better rankings. And the cycle continues…
Examples of Mid-Page Graphic Design Elements

Areas Beneath the Fold Also Deserve Professional Care When it Comes to Graphic Design.

Our Focus at the Plumbing Webmasters

So now we know why graphic design matters for plumbing contractors. The question now becomes “How can we nail design and earn these accumulating benefits?” At Plumbing Webmasters, our years of experience supporting plumbers and other service professionals taught us how to craft engaging site designs. Our clients (and their customers) love the results!

How do we do it?

Our Design Team Diligently Pursues…

  • Vivid Color Schemes: Alluring color helps guide the eyes of site users towards the calls to action, encouraging interaction.
  • Cautious Spacing: Pleasant spacing guides the user experience and allows a pleasant reading experience. No cramming! 
  • Rich Texture: Menus, numbers, and other tools stand out from surrounding content for convenient navigation.
  • Adaptive Styling: Knowing the majority of searches go through mobile devices, we optimize for phone-sized screens and reading on the go.
A Commercial Oriented Graphic Design Style

We Work Closely With Our Clients to Craft a Design That Suits Their Style and Functional Needs!

Graphic Design at the Plumbing Webmasters

Our team works closely with each client to understand their style preferences. Above all, we strive to produce an incredible functional design that all potential customers can easily navigate. As a result, our clients experience deeper user interaction, earn more leads, and rank phenomenally well in local search listings. 

Do you ever wish that your website could pull in more traffic and generate better leads? Talk with our seasoned plumber SEO and graphic design team about crafting a custom-made website! We’d love to show you why so many businesses trust the Plumbing Webmasters with their online marketing services.

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