Website Design & SEO

The Importance of Web Design

Does web design really matter when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO)? The answer is without a doubt a resounding yes. For a plumbing website to truly optimize well online, it must have a unique, properly coded web design. That is why we have a team of expert designers who create custom designs for our clients.

open signWhen you visit a company in person, the appearance of the place matters. That is why companies invest in proper signage that makes the building easy to navigate and find. And companies take the time to maintain their property, ensure parking is accessible and tend to the appearance of their building both on the outside and inside. First impressions are priceless, so keeping up appearances matters.

The same can be said of your plumbing website. If your website is hard to navigate, people are likely to click away to another site. And if your website looks outdated and is never tended to, people might assume you are no longer in business. On the internet, it is even easier to click away from your site to a different company than it is to climb into a car and drive to another business. Because of this ease of searching, it is critical that your site leaves a good first impression upon potential clients.

What the Search Engines Want

Not only will people judge your business based upon the appearance of your site, search engines will too. But Google and other search engines do more than just analyze the appearance of your site. They see the intricate details of your design. Search engines are looking for the following in a proper design:

  • Properly Coded: The coding of your web design matters greatly to your SEO. With the proper coding you site can dominate over other plumbing sites.
  • Fast Load Time: Websites that load quickly and without error will lead in online rankings. No one wants to wait around for a site to load, so even the best of designs will be hampered by bad load times.
  • Unique Design: Your plumbing website should be a custom design, not a template. Unique designs are favored by search engines such as Google.
  • Responsive Design: Because so many internet users are on the go, it is increasingly important that your website has a responsive design. This means it can be viewed on any mobile device without hampering the ease of navigation.

These are only a few of the many components Google and other search engines look for in a proper web design. Here at Plumbing Webmasters we understand the importance of web design and SEO so we provide custom, properly coded designs as a part of our monthly SEO services. Talk to us today about how web design can help your plumbing site climb the online rankings.