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Do You Want to Buy Leads or Build a Brand? (Podcast Episode)

At HVAC-Plumber SEO Webmasters, we understand how to generate plumbing leads for companies. However, some contractors prefer to buy plumbing leads from 3rd-party vendors, which shall remain nameless. 

In today’s The Plumbing SEO Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss this topic: Do you want to buy leads or build a brand?

Should Plumbers Buy Leads or Build a Brand in 2022?

Everyone can agree that plumbing companies want more customers. The disagreement is about how to get them. Many plumbers resort to buying leads from 3rd parties. While there’s nothing wrong with this strategy, it limits your ability to generate affordable and sustainable leads over time.

Buying Plumbing Leads

When you buy leads from a lead seller, you rely on their brand for your business. In addition, most of these companies sell shared leads which means that another plumber in your service area receives the same contact info. 

Furthermore, when plumbers buy these leads, the customer remembers the lead seller more than your plumbing company. So next time they require a plumbing service, they will probably call the lead seller before your business.

Building a Plumbing Brand

Building a plumbing brand generates exclusive leads for your company in the long term. The reason why most companies neglect to develop a brand is that it’s difficult. Building a brand requires an investment in marketing and a shift in your business mindset.

The goal of branding is the same as buying leads. However, when you create branded entities like a website and Google Business Profile, you generate consistent and high-quality leads for your business. These leads lower your cost per acquisition while increasing your closing rate and repeat customer rate.

Security vs. Gig Economy for Plumbing Companies

The difference between buying leads and building a brand stems from a philosophical distinction. Plumbers who live day-to-day in the gig economy will be stuck in the cycle for the remainder of their careers. 

However, plumbing companies with a business mindset will establish security and credibility and enjoy a better lifestyle away from the workplace. There’s nothing wrong with either option. The choice is yours.

How to Build a Plumbing Company Brand

You can build your plumbing company brand through marketing efforts like SEO, website design, and social media marketing. The easiest way to launch your brand is to claim and optimize your Google Business Profile. A Google listing is entirely free and can help bring in new customers.


SEO is the process of ranking on Google search results with your website and business listing. Ranking on these platforms generates free clicks. Of course, you still have to invest time and money into your SEO campaign and website, but the ROI is much higher than Google Ads or Pay Per Click.

Website Design

SEO drives traffic to your website, but you must convert that traffic into leads. The best way is through conversion rate optimization. Include unique photos of your owners, team, staff, and trucks so that potential customers feel good about your company. 

Also, add calls-to-action with contact forms and clickable phone numbers. Remember, a strong plumbing website design turns your organic traffic into prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing rarely directly generates leads for your business. However, establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube builds credibility and increases conversion rates. Therefore, think of social media marketing as a part of your reputation management strategy.

Customers are most likely to invest in services they can trust. So, aside from the reputation benefit, sharing content on social media is an excellent way to build links back to your website. It also helps Google understand the legitimacy of your business.

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