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Willie’s Gold and The Plumber Who Spammed Too Much (Podcast)

SEO spam is a big problem for plumbing companies. For most plumbers, they fight spam from competitors who use black-hat SEO in an attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm. Some plumbers, however, are the ones utilizing the spam. 

In the following podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the trap of SEO spam for plumbing companies.

What is SEO Spam for Plumbers?

SEO spam is the intentional practice of engaging in black-hat SEO practices that provide no value to users. SEO spam includes:

  • Mass-producing city pages.
  • Claiming Google My Business listings with fake addresses.
  • Publishing low-quality blog posts to acquire links.

Why Some Plumbers Spam

Some plumbing contractors spam because they have a mindset problem. But unfortunately, their misguided philosophy expands beyond SEO and into their overall business operation most of the time. They believe their ticket to success is manipulation, which leaves them on a hamster wheel.

  • They have a mindset problem
  • They run a lousy business operation
  • They want to skip steps to sustainable success

SEO Spam Examples for Plumbers

Google has a baseline expectation for local plumbing company websites. For example, most plumbing websites have about ten pages in Google’s index. In many cases, this can be too low, but it’s certainly not spam. Let’s look at some spam examples for SEO for plumbing companies.

Content Mass-Produciton

Since most local plumbers have 10-page websites, a website with 500+ pages will set off algorithmic alarms. Why would a local plumber need 500 pages? The only reason is spam. No local plumber will service that many cities or have that much to write about in blog posts.

Google My Business Spam

A typical spam tactic is to create fake GMB listings or use fake addresses within a secondary GMB listing. Sterling Sky recently published an article about the state of spam-fighting for GMB listings, and it paints a bleak picture. Still, engaging in GMB spam can get your listing permanently banned.

Service Area Expansion

Plumbing companies that try to expand their service area too far will suffer the consequences. Google wants to rank local plumbing companies, not national ones. 

If you try to rank in cities, you cannot even service; you only confuse the algorithm and limit your clicks. On the other hand, you will get more traffic if you hone in on your primary service areas online.

The Better SEO Option for Plumbing Companies

Spam is a temporary benefit, at best. Plumbing companies that engage in spam typically have a subpar operations lacking sustainable profits. You can make more money by doing proper SEO marketing with white-hat strategies. Let’s consider some of the white-hat SEO strategies:

Legitimate Business Address

Instead of trying to slip a PO Box or virtual office through Google’s algorithm, invest in a legitimate business address in a prime area. Investing in a good address sets you up for long-term success. 

Instead of waiting for an inevitable listing suspension, you can build a long-term brand.

Legitimate Local Website

A legitimate local plumbing website won’t have 500 pages filled with spammed city pages and thin content. Instead, it will fall within the acceptable range of local contractor websites. 

A service page for each of your offerings will typically result in 10-20 pages. For blog posts, you should only publish high-quality content assets. Similarly, city pages should be limited to your actual service area.

Sustainable Organic Rankings

One misguided thought among some plumbers is that you need hundreds of pages to get good organic click volume. Focusing on quality over quantity ensures you get more clicks to fewer pages. Furthermore, quality helps you build long-term rankings that Google trusts to keep in its index.

The same is true of Local Map 3-Pack rankings, which are also technically organic. A legitimate business listing will stay in Google’s map rankings long-term rather than facing an inevitable suspension. Avoiding suspension assures you keep your accumulated customer reviews.

The Bottom Line About Plumber SEO Spam

Do white-hat SEO with proven tactics if you want to create a sustainable plumbing brand. Avoid black-hat SEO and spam that derails your online marketing campaign and overall business model. Spam is temporary, at best, and will ultimately cause the demise of your plumbing business.

You can navigate the online marketing space with long-term gains by investing in white-hat SEO strategies. While competitors try every new trick for short-term wins, you rely on the consistency of legitimate SEO strategies. You can learn more by contacting Plumbing Webmasters today.

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