Google Maps For Plumbers (2021 Guide)

Google Maps is an integral part of a plumbing company’s online presence. Your listing must appear on Google Maps to generate local leads on search. One of the most popular parts of Google Maps is the Local Map 3-Pack, which appears for local search queries with commercial intent. For example, when a user searches “plumber near me”, they will see the top 3 Google Maps listings on their search results.

What is Google Maps for Plumbers?

Google Maps is Google’s official web mapping platform, presenting satellite and aerial images along with 360° interactive street maps and comprehensive real-time condition reporting and map routing for users. In the context of SEO, Google Maps is the platform that presents Google My Business listings to local searchers based on proximity along with other factors. Plumbers must pin their Google Maps listing in order to show up on local search results.

Google Maps SEO for Plumbing Companies

Unlike a store or restaurant, a plumbing office is not a destination location. In other words, consumers won’t need to visit your headquarters in order to invest in your services. The location in your case is more of a formality that helps improve local search visibility and match you with relevant consumers in your area. Plumbing Webmasters handles Google My Business optimization so that companies can rank in their target service areas.

Google My Business

Google Maps pulls information from your Google My Business listing to present you in relevant search results. If a nearby consumer searches for pipe repair near me, your listing will come up if properly optimized. As a result, you might wonder what the Google My Business ranking factors are for plumbers? Check out the list below:


Proximity is the most obvious ranking factor and the one that plumbers have the least influence over. Google pulls your company’s address from your listing and measures its distance from local searchers, in real-time. Even if you hide your address publically by listing your company as a Service Area Business (SAB) Google will still use the hidden address to calculate proximity. The only way to change proximity is to move your business address in real life.


Relevance is the easiest local ranking factor to influence, and plumbers can do so by building a strong GMB profile and attaching their company website. If you want to establish your listing as a plumbing company that offers a variety of services, you must publish pages for each service on your website and list them under Services in your GMB profile. Your brand name may also influence relevance depending on the search query.


The prominence ranking factor gauges a listing’s authority with signals like reviews, brand credibility, and user engagement. You can use a tool like DataPins to automate review requests, which can boost your prominence. Aside from getting more reviews, you can build credible links to your primary website and spread your brand name with other forms of marketing.

NAP Citations

Although Google My Business is the most important business citation for plumbing contractors, it is important to build as many NAP citations as possible across the web. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, and producing consistent listings throughout the web will contribute to your overall local presence. Ensuring consistency with your contact information builds credibility, as do the various links back to your website. Consider registering on these platforms:


Angi, once known as Angie’s List is a great directory for home services professionals, including plumbers. While you may not get business directly from the listing, it builds the NAP consistency that search engines covet. Since it is a niche directory for businesses like yours, the link back to your website holds even greater value than usual.


Like Angi, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home services. Many plumbers dislike HomeAdvisor because of their lead generation service, but you don’t have to buy their service to get listed in their directory. Think about HomeAdvisor as a signal to strengthen your other web assets without having to pay them directly.


Yelp is one of the most established directories for any kind of business. It is important to not only list your business on Yelp but to generate positive reviews on the platform. Users trust Yelp for reviews, optically, so one bad review can cost you, future customers. A tool like DataPins can split your review requests between multiple directories, including Yelp.

Google Maps Examples for Plumbing Companies

Sometimes it helps to see examples of something to understand its value. Plumbing Webmasters works with hundreds of clients throughout the United States and consistently evaluates Google Maps results. Below we will outline several examples of Google Maps results for plumbing companies and how they were able to influence their search results.

Ranking for “Plumber Near Me”

The example below shows how a plumbing company ranked on Google Maps for plumber near me in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our services helped the company generate 424 reviews using DataPins, our local SEO and reputation management tool. The attached website also built strength by transferring authority from the domain to the listing.

Plumber Near Me Google Maps

Ranking for a Specific Location

The example below shows how a plumbing company ranked for a location-based search query by utilizing DataPins and building a locally relevant website. The business was able to rank for this term with only 25 reviews, as they are still a relatively new company. Still, proper local SEO strategies allowed them to rank well on Google Maps.

Location Query Google Maps

Ranking for a Specific Service

The example below shows a plumbing business that ranks for a specific service type on Google Maps. Our campaign included custom service pages so that Google Maps could pull the relevant information and apply it to their search algorithm. As you can see, this plumber now ranks for a very popular service in their area, allowing them to grow their consumer base.

Service Query Google Maps