SEM Reporting for Plumbers

When you put thousands of dollars into crafting a new company website and developing sophisticated PPC campaigns, it’s nice to know that you’re money has been well spent. With so many homeowners and businesses turning to Google as they shop for essential services, there’s a wealth of opportunity to expand your business like never before. This growing process requires careful research and revision in your both your plumbing company SEO and PPC strategies. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the necessary search engine marketing (SEM) reporting tools to determine which strategies are working and which to kick to the curb. 

At the Plumbing Webmasters, we’ve developed the tools and tactics plumbing contractors need to stay on top of all their online marketing activities. To learn how to track your lead generation, site traffic, and other essential metrics, consult with one of our friendly plumber SEO professionals at (877) 388-9884! See how SEM reporting determines the success of your long-term marketing strategy!

Metrics of Successful Online Marketing

When you talk with your marketing team and ask about your quarterly performance, you probably expect specific measurements of the company’s success. Yet when it comes to online marketing activities, too many companies settle for a “It seems like we’re doing alright.”, without any measurements to back it up. Our team at the Plumbing Webmasters utilizes Google Analytics on our client sites so that we can deliver actionable data, then create working solutions.

What sort of SEM reporting metrics do we deliver?

  • Organic Results: These outline how many natural clicks your keywords are producing.
  • Keyword Performance: Determine which keywords are driving activity on your website.
  • PPC ROI: Paid search metrics detail how much you’re spending on campaigns vs your return.
  • Bounce Rate: This metric shows what percentage of people visit your site & immediately leave.
  • Behavior Flow Report: Track interest and engagement, while analyzing on-site behavior and visitor habits for future marketing projects.
A Google Analytics Window For SEM Reporting

Tracking Search Results Allows Our Team to Ensure Ideal Performance and Make Adjustments if Needed.

Adapting for Higher Plumber SEO & PPC Performance

So we can track your website’s SEO and PPC metrics. How does this help your business grow over time? For starters, our years of experience managing website performance allows us to identify high-performance strategies for our clients. That means higher rankings, more clicks, and more calls for your business. If a Google core update or an increase in keyword competition makes a particular SEO or PPC strategy less productive, we can adapt to maintain your company’s excellent performance.

Even the best websites and social media campaigns have room for improvement. That’s another exciting benefit of our site monitoring services: we identify potential flaws and areas with lagging performance that could use improvement. Our team at the Plumbing Webmasters doesn’t just report problems, however. We fix them too, ensuring long-term performance!

A Company's Listed Page Errors Over Time, Part of SEM Reporting

Google’s Site Assessment Tools Also Help Track Potential Page Errors for Quick Fixes!

Additional Marketing Opportunities from Analytical Data

How much do you really know about your target consumer? Where does most of your online business come from, and where should you invest your time and effort in the future? Instead of performing a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive survey, Google Analytics does the work for you! Thanks to the platform’s demographics tools, you can get a better picture of your online audience than ever before.

Advanced Demographic Data in SEM Reporting Tool

Learn Helpful Factors Like Age, Location, and Gender, Then Tailor Your Marketing Strategy Accordingly!

Break down the ages, genders, and other valuable criteria making up your potential customers online. With this data, you can determine where to direct your marketing efforts (both online and in traditional advertising channels). That’s certainly worth taking the time to get familiar with this free tool from Google!

Plumbing Webmasters Services for Google Analytics

What sort of Google Analytics services do we offer at the Plumbing Webmasters? For starters, we our team provides:

  • Consolidated Reporting: Delivering invaluable, practical insights through refined analysis.
  • Conversion Goals: Establishing measurable goals to pace online activities
  • Analytics Installation: Coding your website to provide free-flowing analytical data on pages and overall domains
  • Troubleshooting: Testing and correcting any potential errors inside the Analytics integration

Of course, our services in Google Analytics naturally fuel higher performance in our other services. Combined with our other plumber SEO services, SEM reporting through Analytics takes your business even closer to ranking #1 on Google organic listings! Quality reporting also allows our team to further fine-tune your PPC campaigns for even better returns on investment.

Get More From Your SEM Reporting!

Ready to earn better control over your plumbing SEO and PPC campaigns? Our experienced digital marketing experts at the Plumbing Webmasters provide invaluable SEM reporting solutions to take your business to the next level! Learn more about how Google Analytics (and other helpful tools) can help your business manage, refine, and maximize your online marketing strategy. Contact our friendly team at today!

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