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Water Damage Restoration PPC

Plumbing Webmasters is a top-rated digital marketing agency offering water restoration PPC services.

Water Restoration PPC Services

  • Google Ads Management
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Budget (Ad Spend) Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Management

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Let’s get real about pay-per-click for water restoration companies. You are paying every time a search user clicks on your advertisement for a specific keyword. Take a look at a cost-per-click example:

Water Restoration Fort Worth CPC

Yes, you read that correctly; SEMRush estimates a $150 cost per click for the keyword “water restoration fort worth.” As a result, you would have to pay $150 every time a searcher clicks on your ad. This tells us that PPC is less affordable than SEO and that you require a fully optimized landing page to make an ROI.

Google Ads Management

Finding a reputable Google Ads manager can mean the difference between prosperity and bankruptcy. PPC is often a dangerous game because so many agencies use it to tap into your revenue stream and muddy the reporting.

Honest agencies like Plumbing Webmasters will manage your entire digital marketing campaign, which often includes suggesting that you stop running PPC ads at some point.

Landing Page Optimization

For a pay-per-click ad to be successful, it must have a corresponding landing page. A landing page is the destination users reach after clicking on a paid advertisement. These pages help continue the transaction process and improve conversion rate optimization.

The goal is to grab the user’s attention and encourage them to complete a call to action, such as clicking a phone number link, which would connect them to your phone line (if using a mobile device).

Failure to optimize a landing page renders a paid advertisement effectively useless. Users who click but don’t convert drain your ad budget.

By partnering with Plumbing Webmasters, you can rest assured that your PPC campaign will be properly managed, from ad text to landing page presentation.

Budget / Ad Spend Optimization

As you can imagine from the cost per click of water restoration keywords, a PPC campaign can quickly drain your budget. That’s why it’s imperative to optimize your budget and ad spend. It starts with understanding the context of pay-per-click, which should only be used as a short-term strategy.

The Google Ads-certified experts at Plumbing Webmasters ensure your company does not overspend on advertising and ruin your long-term search visibility. Instead, we create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that uses Google Ads to boost your overall presence.

PPC Campaign Management

A certified PPC expert can manage your campaign and help you avoid costly mistakes like targeting the wrong keywords and presenting irrelevant landing pages. Our campaign managers ensure you target keywords that have a high chance of conversion and provide the landing page to get it done.

PPC advertising offers your water restoration company many advantages, such as:

  • Analytics / Measurement: Track campaign performance in real-time
  • Budget Control: Cap your budget so you never overspend
  • Fast Results: As opposed to SEO, PPC works quickly
  • Geo-Targeting: Focus ads on specific locations, perhaps those affected by flooding

How User Intent Affects Your PPC Campaign

Google then presents options in search results format that match its perceived buyer’s intent. When selecting keywords for your PPC campaign, consider what users might look for when they search particular terms.

If a user searches attic flood, for instance, they likely want to know how to repair or prevent an attic flood, not its definition.

Predicting your user’s intent can also help create effective landing pages and calls to action. Landing pages that focus on the user’s primary needs convert at a higher rate, which makes your PPC campaign more cost-efficient.

Get Started With PPC for Water Restoration Companies

Trust is the most important factor when hiring a PPC management team. It’s very easy to lose money with these advertisements, which is why it’s important to vet the agency before agreeing to terms. At Plumbing Webmasters, we have a reputation as honest and affordable, making a great partner in your paid advertising ventures for 2023.