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Jobsite Check-ins: Your Local SEO Booster

People don’t realize how much information Google requires to deliver qualified search results to consumers. The tech giant examines hundreds, sometimes thousands of businesses within your service area alone. Some of them provide plumbing solutions, while some only claim to. The plumbing professionals earning the highest ranks in local search are those that provide the most evidence of their activity.

In a way, all search results are driven by evidence.

Reviews, custom websites, and other plumbing SEO assets serve as proof to Google that your business is active and trustworthy. Today, we’re going to talk about a relatively new form of evidence that contributes heavily towards local SEO rankings, traffic, and leads. We’re going to talk about check-ins!

Key Learning Points for Plumbers

  • Check-ins are only as effective as your company is consistent in using them.
  • Check-ins won’t replace reviews, but they heavily influence SEO results.
  • It’s a team effort! Train other team members to perform check-ins as needed.

What is a Jobsite Check-in?

A check-in is a type of post to Google that shares your location and what you’re doing.

To help you understand the concept, try visualizing your community on the Google Map. Countless businesses and neighborhoods dot the landscape as you scroll from end to end of your service area. You can even see your home office address. However, what doesn’t show on that map are the countless locations where you’ve repaired toilets, installed brand new water heaters, and performed extensive pipe replacements.

As we remind many professionals over the years, Google is not omniscient. It only knows what people tell it. In fact, the search engine only works as well as it does because hundreds of millions of people continually upload information for it to dig into.

Check-ins provide Google with accurate, current, and useful data about your company’s activities. They’re your way of saying “Here I am! This is the work I’m providing. We are serving this community.” When you check into a location, it drops a pin on the Google Map. Keep this up, and pretty soon Google will see evidence of your team’s hard work across your entire service area.

A Local Map Pack for Sewer Repair Services

Map Packs Like These are One of the Ultimate Goals of Checking In.

What Benefits Do Check-ins Offer?

Higher rankings, greater volumes of traffic for your website, and (most importantly) leads.

Very, very few businesses utilize jobsite check-ins in their digital marketing strategy. When Google has more detailed information about your company, the search engine is more likely to recommend your business over similar services with less information. Ever since Google’s Local Search Update of Q4 2019, local search rankings have grown more fluid. With the right optimization, plumbers who previously struggled to rank can now earn premium map pack listings for exceptional traffic boosts.

We’ve seen check-ins allow brand new plumbing companies to capture these positions in a matter of months. That represents an astounding marketing success, producing qualified plumbing leads in a very short period of time. Whether you run a seasoned company or a brand new service, check-ins can greatly benefit your business!

What Check-ins Look Like

While solutions and methods vary, this is what a typical check-in might look like. It starts with pulling out your phone at the very end of a job. You snap a picture of the water heater (or toilet, etc) you just installed. You go to a special website, pull up a form, and fill out information about the project. You tap “check-in” and BOOM! You’ve just performed a check-in.

The best solutions upload check-ins directly onto your website. Regular website updates are healthy for SEO purposes, encouraging Google’s crawlers to revisit your site more frequently. If your check-ins offer geo-location data and information directly related to your services, that’s SEO gold for your website!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Check-ins

Frequency and accuracy are keys to success when it comes to check-ins. Ideally, you want to earn those little pins all over the map of your service area, for each of your services. That means that your business needs to check-in consistently to get the most SEO improvement out of the activity. That may mean adding 3 minutes onto the end of each job, but the results are worth it!

By the time your competitors finally get on board with check-ins in a couple years from now, you’ll already have hundreds of pins across the map.

If possible, choose a check-in solution that lets you upload fresh pictures on to your website. Customers and Google alike appreciate fresh images, and it looks nice on your site. All you have to do consistently snag photos at the end of each job. Just imagine your clients seeing projects closely related to their plumbing needs as they browse through your website!

From Plumbing Webmasters

If check-ins still seem like an entirely foreign (but exciting) concept, don’t worry. Our team at the Plumbing Webmasters is here to answer your questions! Learn more about jobsite check-ins, and your options for incorporating them into your marketing strategy. Call our team today at (877) 388-9884 today.

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Google Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Google Reviews drive local search and online branding more than almost any other ranking factor. Most plumbing professionals have some notion of the impact reviews have on their business. However, most don’t fully understand how to effectively collect and manage their client feedback.

Even though COVID-19 halted the production of new Google Reviews, you’ll need to have a plan in motion once they return. To help guide your plumbing company toward stronger brand growth, we’ve created a quick how-to for gathering, managing, and protecting your client feedback. These reviews aren’t going to collect themselves!

Key Takeaways for Plumbing Professionals

  • Google Reviews are the most visible form of feedback.
  • They directly affect rankability for local search results.
  • Google Reviews are best earned right after a successful service visit.
  • Negative reviews are opportunities to showcase your customer service prowess.
  • Fake reviews are not worth it. They’ve killed many businesses.

Understanding Google Reviews

Tied directly to your company’s Google My Business listing, Google Reviews represent your brand’s overall service quality to the entire local search community. Homeowners (and/or commercial clients) can leave a rating by directly searching your business name and submitting a review in the knowledge graph located on the right hand side of the screen. On mobile devices, the review tab on your listing houses the collection and submission area for new client ratings.

There are a few crucial truths you’ll need to when it comes to Google Reviews and their uses.

They are Necessary for SEO

Absolutely essential. To Google, these reviews provide undeniable proof that your business is both active and trustworthy. That means they can depend on your listing, and send more traffic your way by ranking up your website. That’s why many of the top listings on local map packs, some of the best traffic earners, feature companies with dozens (even hundreds) of Google Reviews!

That makes sense, because those reviews represent activity tied directly to your GMB account. Your GMB heavily influences local search results. If you want to win those premium map pack placements, you’ll need to consistently gather reviews on a job by job basis. By the way, if you want more detail about local map packs and optimizing for them, be sure to check out our video guide on Search Marketing, which covers the 3 major aspects of a search engine results page.

They’re Crucial for Sales

Even back in 2015, Pew Research studies showed that at least half of all Americans consider online reviews prior to making a purchase. Five years later, that number continues to climb. That’s because reviews are essentially personal recommendations from other consumers, less biased than the word of the associated business. Even with essential services like plumbing, reviews can make or break a purchase decision.

It’s not enough to gather one or two. Fresh reviews, at least in the mind of local homeowners, provide the most dependable representation of your service quality. The more, the better! After all, don’t you consider reviews on your key purchase decisions?

They Won’t Collect Themselves

Did you know that the vast majority of plumbing clients never leave a review, positive or negative? In fact, a business could consider themselves luck if even one in ten of their clients remember to leave a rating. On the other hand, most plumbing clients would be more than happy to provide a review when asked. According to a study covered by Search Engine Land:

“…if asked, approximately 71 percent of consumers will leave a review for a business.”

Those are good odds! Just imagine how many reviews you could collect in a given year if even half that percentage left them when asked. All you have to do is ask. Add in a geotagging review software (like BrandREVU), and you’ve got the makings of an outrageous improvement in local search rankings! This, of course, could mean significantly more revenue for your business.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Now comes the unpleasant, but necessary side of reputation management: negative reviews. When an angry client leaves a disparaging rating on your GMB, it’s easy to take it personally. With a little ingenuity and a lot of patience however, you can turn negative reviews into unique branding opportunities. Master the art of turning a low rating into a customer service moment, and you’ll wow all your future prospects!

Keep Calm and Carry On

First of all, don’t sweat every negative review that shows up on your GMB. If you’ve been doing a good job providing exceptional service, odds are these negative reviews will be few and far between. Continue to gather positive feedback every time you finish a job by immediately ask your clients for reviews.

The more reviews you gather, the less impact those stinging complaints will have!

Respond to the Problem

Some complaints are legitimate, while others are simply caused by misunderstandings. Either way, it’s best to respond to complaints quickly and courteously. Politely ask the client to provide more information about the circumstances behind their poor service rating. Be sure to take the conversation offline. Email or direct phone calls work best.

Once you’ve identified the cause behind the complaint, consider what you can do to satisfy the unhappy client. For repair problems, that might mean scheduling a next day service visit. For pricing or payment issues, that might mean giving a discount. Obviously, you’ll want to find a solution that meets their needs without breaking the bank!

Finally, make sure the client is completely satisfied before moving on. When you’re confident they feel happy, ask them if they’d feel comfortable updating or deleting their review. Be sure to emphasize just how essential their review is to your business, and how you’d appreciate their help. Odds are, you’ll see a higher star rating soon and earn a happy long-term client for your trouble!

Dangers of Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are bad business, whether they come from Google Reviews or somewhere else. Yet they’ve been a growing concern across multiple industries these last few years. Tech giants, such as Amazon and Google, have done their best to lessen the impact of these fictional ratings, but high demand means that review-writing services still manage to thrive.

How do fake reviews threaten your business? Consider the viewpoints of both clients and Google.

From a Client’s Perspective

Trust is everything in business, especially when it comes to essential home services. If a consumer can’t trust that the reviews on your GMB account accurately represent your service quality, they’ll turn to other options fast. So zealously guard your ratings from any sort of manipulation. If anyone suggests buying up reviews, don’t. It’s not worth the risk to your local search results.

Remember this: consumers understand if you don’t have a perfect 5-star rating. In fact, they may even prefer if your score is less than perfect, because it suggests your reviews are authentic! Just keep getting those new ratings.

From Google’s Perspective

A business caught with fake (purchased or incentivised) reviews creates risk for Google. After all, that company may be struggling for business or suffering from low service quality. Google takes risky company listings and ranks them on the backside of search results. At the very least, they could cancel any suspected reviews and remove them from your collection.

In worst case scenario, we’ve seen companies lose their GMB account overnight. That means no showing up for local-based searches. Worse yet, it means a tremendous loss of traffic and leads coming into your website. That’s an expensive mistake not worth making!

Closing Thoughts

As one of the most important factors affecting your local search ranking, Google Reviews deserve consistent attention. Collect them as often as you, immediately after service visits if possible. Not only does this protect and grow your brand, it promotes stronger results on Google Search. That’s easy money for your business.

If you’re looking to automate and empower your reviews process, talk with our team at Plumbing Webmasters. Each of our custom websites come with integrated review software, enabling you to automatically ask clients for reviews and post them on your website (and any citation sources you desire). We’ve helped plumbing companies, such as the Chattanooga Water Heater Co, dominate local map packs and earn premium leads in a matter of months.

To learn more about Google Reviews and our related services, call us at (877) 388-9884!

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True Client Stories: Local Plumber Dominance

We all love to hear underdog success stories, especially when the underdog is a startup plumbing company! In today’s True Client Story, we explore the shocking rise of a water heater specialist who began with no brand or online history to speak up, and ended up a top ranking dynamo with outrageous success!

The best part: This plumber did it all in less than six months.

Jason and Nolen share how this clever professional managed to top local search results in such a short time. If you’ve been struggling to break into page one search results – you’ll have to be willing to work a bit – be sure to listen in! Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways From This Podcast: 

  • Local search results are more fluid than they used to be, thanks to Google updates.
  • Geotagging can quickly elevate your brand above surrounding competitors.
  • Google My Business (GMB) is essential for local ranking.
  • Righteous Reviews only works if you use it.

A Chattanooga Plumber Story

One day, a fresh-faced plumber – We’ll call him “Rob” – came to us from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Bob shared his dreams of opening up a plumbing business that specialized in water heater services. Chattanooga was no small town, so he would be facing quite a few established competitors in his local search arena. In fact, when we took a look at Bob’s local community, we discovered a veteran company with hundreds of glowing reviews. This Chattanooga plumber had his work cut out for him!

Less than six months later however, Bob’s water heater service company ranked in the local map pack for almost all of his top service keywords.

That’s right! A brand new plumbing business was beating out long-time champions to dominate the local market. With the power of exceptional search marketing and geotagging, this plumber quickly found himself swimming in business for a premium plumbing service.

Let’s dig into how Bob did it…

Localized Keywords Earn Better Rankings for Your Area. (Name & Number Obscured)

Step #1: He Optimized His Website

Given the substantial revenue potential of water heater services, our Chattanooga plumber faced substantial competition entering the market. Bob’s decision to specialize however, actually made it easier to thoroughly optimize his website. Instead of a handful of pages getting optimized for a handful of generic terms, Bob’s website exclusively optimized for a wide variety of water heater keywords terms from his local area.

When we wrote the site, our team also made sure to tailor the service pages specifically to Bob’s target city. A lot of plumbing contractors make the mistake of targeting a massive area (such as the entire state) before they’ve managed to gain a foothold in their immediate community. We made sure that all of Bob’s service pages specifically contained the Chattanooga, TN keyword tail, which makes it so much easier for local consumers to find his business.

Once we mixed in these localized keywords into the conversational writing and engaging photos, Bob’s site was ready to start kicking butt. But there was still more work to do beyond the site.

An Example of Bob's Local Map Pack Listings

Local Map Pack Listings Offer Tremendous Traffic Volume! (Name & Number Obscured)

Step #2: He Optimized His GMB

Google My Business plays an integral role in local search. Once claimed, filled out, and verified, this free listing service identifies your industry for consumers in your community. Google Maps listings heavily depend on GMB accounts to provide the best possible results for local homeowners. In other words: if you haven’t claimed your GMB account yet, you’re missing out on free traffic!

We gladly handled Bob’s GMB account optimization, making sure his company was specifically designated as a water heater business. This greatly increased his chances of popping up before general service plumbers whenever a nearby homeowner or business Google searched for water heater repairs. Bob automatically bypassed numerous competitors in his service area.

Step #3: Bob Used Geotagging

Geotagging is the process of attaching GPS data to online content. In Bob’s case, he utilized the Righteous Reviews software integrated into all of our custom-built websites. Every time the water heater specialist finished a repair visit or an original installation, he checked-in to the jobsite and asked for a review. He also used the software’s automatic review function to automatically request reviews from clients following each service visit.

In just a couple months, Bob collected scores of new online reviews for his company.

Water Heater Installation Check-in Mark

“Bob” Regularly Checks-in to His Job Sites to Boost Local Search Results. (Name Obscured)

Better still, all of these check-ins and reviews came with GPS data attached. Pins started popping up all over the digital Chattanooga map where Bob provided water heater services. The Righteous Reviews software connected the check-ins and reviews to the associated service pages on Bob’s website. In other words, Bob was creating undeniable proof of his work for local search.

And Google took notice…

Our Story Ends

In less than two months after launching his brand new website, Bob earned a top slot in his local map pack for his most crucial industry keyword. Fast forward to today, and Bob’s website will pop up on local maps for almost all of his top keywords. While the Plumbing Webmasters played a key role in his initial success, this Chattanooga plumber also takes an active role in his continued growth. He actively utilizes his Righteous Reviews tool with each service call, and he continually provides exceptional customer care wherever he goes.

Way to go, Bob!

If you’d like to learn more about Bob’s story of aggressive growth, or if you’d like to see how your business can break out through local search, our team is happy to help. Call us today at (877) 388-9884 and ask about search marketing through Plumbing Webmasters. See what sort of amazing growth your business can achieve!

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Google Maps for Plumbers
Citation Sources for Plumbers

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Naming Your Business for the Best SEO | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

What’s more powerful than a name? Your plumbing company name not only establishes your identify to potential clients, it communicates who you are to search engines as well. That’s why originality, clarity, and conciseness are so crucial when it comes to choosing your brand name!

In our latest discussion with Jason and Nolen, they’ll explore some simple guidelines on choosing a brand identify that’s optimized for search. Following these guidelines could be the difference between steady traffic and none at all! Be sure to listen in if you’re rebranding or kicking off a new plumbing business!

Helpful Tips on Naming Your Business

  • Pick a name that’s very memorable!
  • Generic names do not rank well in local search.
  • Avoid using your city in the name.
  • If you have an interesting personal name, consider using it for your company.

Purple Monkey Plumbing

What do you say: is “Purple Monkey Plumbing” an effective company name? Believe it or not, your answer says a lot about how much you understand local search marketing! We’ll reveal this name’s effectiveness at the end of this short blog. Before we get there, let’s run over a few facts about your company name.

The Purpose of Your Company Name

No, it’s not just to sound cool! Your company name helps people identify your services and stand out from other businesses. Think of the dozens of contractors that operate in your city alone. In broader metropolitan areas, your business could be competing against hundreds of other trained professionals.

When a local homeowner’s water heater breaks down and needs repairs, will they remember your brand name?

Despite the size and prevalence of the search engine, even Google can have a challenging time telling businesses apart! Your company name allows the hardworking Google Search algorithm to separate your brand from other nearby players. Choose wrong however, and your website may never receive the traffic you need to earn leads.

A Search for a Plumbing Company Name

Watch Out! Some Brand Generators Can Produce Extra Generic or Misleading Names.

How to Pick a Company Name

There are two key qualities your brand name needs to succeed in local search: distinctiveness and memorability. While there are a host of other traits that could aid your other marketing activities, these two qualities are non-negotiable. What do these two terms mean?

First, a company name should stand out from the crowd. We hate to say it, but “5 Star Plumbing” isn’t going to be easy to remember (for consumers or Google). Steer clear of generic terminology that could get your brand confused with another professional’s! A memorable company name also increases the likelihood of past clients searching for your brand directly in search. Direct searches enjoy a higher chance of converting into actual sales.

The Classic Naming Mistake

Ten years ago, it was common practice to take a common search term, such as “Plumbing Company in Dallas, TX” and adopt it for your business name. This practice was enormously successful, so everyone and their grandmother started choosing generic names for their plumbing companies. Then Google stepped in with an algorithm update. Countless professionals started dropping off the map.

A Hypothetical City-Based Company Name

City Based Names Will Likely Pit You Against Citation Companies and More Popular List Articles.

Today, choosing an (Insert City) Plumber company name makes it almost impossible for people to find your business. Even if someone searched your name directly, Google would think the consumer was looking for a list of plumbers in your service area. Your business profile won’t even show up!

Bottom line: stay away from generic brand names, even if they are optimized for your city.

Other Important Steps for Your Business

Once you’ve decided on a quality company name, there are still a few steps to take to start ranking in local search. First, you’ll need to register a domain that closely matches your new name. If you plan on expanding your business into other cities / states, make sure you don’t pick a domain with a location prefix.

A Hosting Company Website

Make Sure Your Hosting Company Registers Your Company as the Domain Owner. Image From Bluehost

Make sure that you own the domain, not the registrar. Too many plumbing companies have gotten screwed over by their host when their registration expired. Just play it safe and make sure you buy the name!

Next, you’ll need to register the company name and domain with Google My Business (GMB). Google will provide a verification method for you to complete, then your plumbing company will be eligible to start ranking in local search. Fill out as much of the information as possible. The physical address for your company should be exactly the same as the one you registered with Yelp, the BBB, etc. 

Need Help With Your Branding?

By the way, yes! Purple Monkey Plumbing could be a very successful company name.

At Plumbing Webmasters, we support hundreds of professionals from around the country with professional web design, brand development, and organic SEO solutions. If you’ve been looking for a seasoned digital marketing team to partner with, we’d be thrilled to talk with you! Call us anytime at (877) 388-9884 for a free consultation.

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Skin in the Game With Plumber’s Marketing Money | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Does your marketing company have a vested interest in seeing you succeed? Are they working hard to produce outstanding growth for your business, or just hard enough to earn another 12 month contract? Having a marketing company with skin in the game can make all the difference for plumbing contractors, as Jason and Nolen discuss in our latest podcast.

Helpful Tips on SEO for Plumbers

  • It’s getting harder and harder to compete without an established presence in local SEO.
  • Make sure your digital marketing company provides direct Google Ads reporting for PPC.
  • PPC budget and reporting should be kept separate from organic SEO.
  • Results for plumbing SEO usually take 2 to 3 months after launching a new website.
  • Research your top competitors’ websites.
  • See how well your marketing company ranks in organic search!

Overcoming the Past

You’ve been hurt before. Based on the number of angry, confused plumbers we’ve talked to over the years, odds are you’ve been taken advantage of by an untrustworthy digital marketing agency. In fact, you may have gone through the same situation multiple times now. Naturally, this leaves you hesitant to trust again. We understand!

However, you’ve also know by now just how essential local search is to finding clients.

There’s no getting around it. If you don’t have the talent inside your team already, you are going to have to find a company who understands SEO for plumbers. That’s where the Plumbing Webmasters come into play.

Learning to Trust Again

Instead of immediately jumping back into the online fray, why not take a day to reexamine what it means to succeed in Google Search? Take a day to research the different ways to rank #1. Better yet, take a look at your most productive online competitors to see what they’re doing different! You’ll probably find them at the top of search results in a Local Pack (see the picture below).

Examining Top Performers in a Local Pack

See What Businesses in the Local Pack and Top Regular Listings are Doing for Plumbing SEO!

Since organic search champions earn the lion’s share of website traffic, it pays to understand what they’re doing to be successful. Do some research! Spend a little time digging through their websites and exploring their service pages.

Critical Research Questions on Competitors

  • How good is the content on their service pages and homepage?
  • What sort of service page structure do they have?
  • Which keywords are they using to get noticed by Google?
  • Do they write blogs? How often are they posting?
  • Are they using stock photos?
  • What sort of calls to action (CTAs) are they using?
  • How many reviews do they have on their Google Search listing?
  • How good is the overall design of the website?

Just remember: to outrank these professionals, your website and related internet marketing must be better than the current champions. If you only match their website quality, you’re unlikely to outrank them (especially if they’re older companies).

Find a Winning Team

Emphasis on “Winning”. For all the technical expertise and fancy service packages a marketing company may provide, do they produce successful clients? If you Google Search “plumbing contractors in (insert city, state)”, you should be able to find their customers listed there!

Here’s another important question: How many keywords do their clients rank for? Big name companies like to advertise front page rankings for five, ten, or thirty keywords. An experienced marketing company can get your plumbing business ranked for hundreds of keywords (with dozens of front page listings)! 

On a side note, make sure to steer clear of companies that offer a PPC/SEO bundle deal, especially if their campaign spending isn’t provided directly through Google Ads!

A Website Produced by a Plumbing Marketing Company

How Well Does Your Plumbing Marketing Company Rank in Organic Search?

Team Up With Plumbing Webmasters

We won’t sugarcoat it. Our team at Plumbing Webmasters wants to earn your business! We know you’ve been hurt before, which is why our SEO professionals work so hard to make it easy and (practically) risk free to test our services. While it costs us thousands of dollars to produce a professional website that ranks for hundreds of keywords, we only charge you $99 for the first month. Our clients pay on a monthly basis, because we crave accountability for our results. That means you can quit anytime if our work doesn’t live up to your standards!

We think you’ll stay though, because our clients regularly dominate their local search results with better placement, more consumer traffic, and higher-quality leads.

If you’re tired of getting the runaround from your current marketing company, Plumbing Webmasters is always here to help. Consult with one of our seasoned plumber SEO professionals for free by calling us at (877) 388-9884. It’s tough to trust again, but we’re worth it!

Resources from Plumbing Webmasters

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Plumber SEO Services
Website Design Services for Plumbing Companies
Organic SEO for Plumbing Contractors
Plumber Reputation Management

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The $3200 Plumbing SEO Screw Job | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Does it ever feel like your plumbing SEO company is trying to hide something? Unfortunately, too many plumbing businesses get cheated by their digital marketing agency. That doesn’t have to be you! Thankfully, there are many red flags that can help you steer clear of shady marketing practices. Be sure to listen closely as Jason and Nolen discuss real industry stories that should serve as a word of warning.

Helpful Tips on SEO Services for Plumbers

  • Watch out for bundled deals! These tend to cover up shady reporting practices.
  • Many digital marketing rely heavily on PPC to markup their services.
  • Month to month SEO services often work the hardest to produce results.
  • SEO for plumbers should only require a couple months to start producing results.

Discovering the Tough Truth

“Bob” is a local contractor who relied on the same marketing service for two years. Despite his significant investment into online marketing, Bob noticed a suspicious lack of phone calls coming into his office. With growing concerns, he reached out to the agency that handled his PPC and SEO service bundle. As always, he heard the same old sales runaround that had grown less and less reassuring. So Bob decided it was time to consult with another marketing team.

After running a brief search of some of the top ranked SEO companies in his area, he arranged a one-on-one consultation with our team at the Webmasters. Pretty soon, Bob realized his nagging concerns were justified. Not only was his current provider using confusing reporting practices to hide their lack of organic SEO activity, but it was clear they were spending very little of the money they had allotted for PPC campaigns (and pocketing the rest).

In other words, Bob had been royally screwed for almost two years.

Reporting on SEO Services for Plumbers

Does Your Reporting Come From Google, or a Less Trustworthy Source?

A Common Trend in Digital Marketing

Bob’s story is one we hear all to often. As an experienced contractor in a modestly-sized, non-competitive market, he should have been a rockstar in local search. But his digital marketing company had done literally nothing to optimize his website or his company Google My Business listing.

This trend fits many SEO services for plumbers: using flat fee bundles to hide inactivity and mark up prices.

Bundling paid search and organic SEO services together is almost always a bad idea, especially if the bundle is tied together with a long-term contract. Since contracting professionals see this sort of pricing all the time however, they think nothing of it. Frankly, digital marketing companies do a fantastic job of selling these services. Here’s what happens when a plumbing contractor steps into a long-term PPC/SEO bundle deal.

Temporary Results

Part #1: They See Results (for a Time)

Most plumbers start seeing results, but not quite the quantity they expected. That’s because paid search campaigns start producing leads almost immediately. The initial influx of business is usually enough for most plumbers to grudgingly continue without contacting their marketing agency. Those that do speak out end up hearing the same familiar line:

“We’re working hard on your organic SEO, but it always takes 6 months to a year to start seeing results.”

Strange Reporting

Part #2: They Experience the Runaround

When leads begin to slow down, most plumbing contractors naturally start to wonder what’s going on. That’s when the confusing reporting comes out. Some marketing agencies appear more trustworthy by pushing their numbers through a third party reporting company.

On a side note: this is why you should always have your PPC campaign spending issued directly from Google. This prevents your digital marketing company from hiding the actual costs per click.

The reporting also enables SEO services for plumbers to cover their lack of progress on website optimization. Remember, successful SEO practices actually produce cheaper, higher quality leads for your business. Companies that make the most of their money with inexpensive PPC campaigns don’t want a productive organic presence taking money away from their primary source of income.

PPC Addiction

Part #3: They Get Addicted to PPC

What happens next? The same thing that plumbers experience when they purchase leads from a vendor: addiction. PPC’s slower, but dependable source of leads makes it difficult for most plumbing companies to part with their marketing agency. After all, who wants to leave a steady stream of business, even it if is smaller than they’d like?

Thus begins the cycle of PPC addiction, which takes many plumbers years to overcome. Those that do escape inevitably feel jaded against other marketing professionals that could actually provide real, lasting, and remarkable results. That’s why productive SEO services for plumbers have to work so hard to prove themselves!

Real Results – Plumbing Webmasters

So what’s the solution to break this cycle of deception and loss? Accountability. At Plumbing Webmasters, we’ve talked with hundreds of plumbing professionals who feel jaded because of their past experiences with dishonest marketing. That’s why we work so hard to prove ourselves with detailed expense reporting. Our SEO services for plumbers are always priced and reported separately from our PPC services, because you shouldn’t have to wonder where your money is going. You’ll see every one of our services fees in your billing, which we charge month to month.

Do you feel unhappy with your current marketing company? Contact our highly-rated, trusted team at Plumbing Webmasters and consult with a professional for free. Call (877) 388-9884 and see the difference for yourself!

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What is a Plumber SEO WordPress Theme?

Few elements impact your online marketing like your commercial website. All other facets of your online presence weave in out of the site, carefully directing potential clients to their needed services (or your wonderful blog posts). When it comes to designing and managing company websites, WordPress offers a vast array of gorgeous, customizable themes to choose from. No other content management system (CMS) is quite so popular, and for good reason.

Today, we’ll talk about your plumber SEO WordPress Theme and just how much it affects your online marketing performance. If your business has put off making a website, or if your current design continues produce disappointing results, be sure to listen in! You may just find the perfect solution for your problem.

Plumber SEO WordPress Theme

This is a Simple, But Heavily Optimized Custom WordPress Theme.

What is a WordPress Theme?

You’ve likely noticed by now that many plumbing company websites tend to look very similar in format. That’s because they utilize WordPress themes for their website design. Instead of the more flamboyant and artsy styles (which aren’t really appropriate for most contractors), plumbers opt for simplistic and balanced themes. After all, flashy visuals rarely equates with capable SEO for plumbers.

When you first purchase your initial design, the theme only comes with its basic cookie cutter boxes and areas to fill with text. Naturally, contractors must customize their chosen WordPress theme with their company logo, contact information, original content, and chosen services. The process can be as simple or as complicated as you desire. Just don’t expect too much from a site finished overnight!

How Much Do WordPress Themes Cost?

Sometimes they cost nothing; somethings they cost thousands of dollars!

Contractors can easily find free themes available directly on the WordPress company website. You can also purchase premade themes from marketing vendors will sell advanced WordPress themes which include more sophisticated features, such as form creation (for creating appointments) or direct messaging. Our own team at Plumbing Webmasters creates special themes heavily customized for SEO and local mapping. Many businesses take the DIY approach and perform the tailoring themselves, while others opt for a professional production by a digital marketing company.

As a rule of thumb, you get out of your website what you invest into it. Themes in the hundred to thousand dollar range rarely contain the type of coding that helps Google recognize your services. Free themes certainly won’t offer that either!  Unless you have significant experience tailoring WordPress themes, it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals.

Plumber SEO WordPress Website

This Custom-Built WordPress Theme Incorporates Special Coding and Calls to Action.

What Makes WordPress so Great for SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) hinges on a variety of factors both in and out of your website. Plumbing companies with the highest ranks work hard to optimize their sites for local search. Ranking well is never accidental!

With that being said, there are plenty of ways that WordPress helps businesses optimize for search! For one, the content management system offers numerous tools that analyze your pages for keyword usage, writing quality, and other important factors for success. The process of creating and arranging your pages is refreshingly easy, which is why so many website developers love working with the platform.

If you ever feel under-equipped to handle site updates, there’s always a downloadable widget available to help!

  • Want to link your blogs to your social media accounts? There’s a widget for that.
  • Need plumber SEO metrics to grade your content before you post? Taken care of.
  • Crave better categorization for your pages and blog content? Got it!

There are so many tools at your disposal. Even if your plumbing contractors don’t have the necessary skills to custom-build your website, you can at least find a capable team to do it for you. Just be careful to pick a well-rated team!

A Custom WordPress Theme

Many Sites Look Alike, But Few Perform as Well as Ours!

Plumbing Webmasters and Custom WordPress Designs

At Plumbing Webmasters, WordPress is our daily playground! We custom make themes that perform incredibly well in local search and Google Maps. Our plumbing clients enjoy front page rankings for dozens (if not hundreds) of important keywords, which is why they earn better traffic and lead generation!

If you’d like to learn more about creating a custom WordPress theme and website for your plumbing company, call us. Consult with one of our seasoned SEO professionals at (877) 388-9884, and see how your team can start earning new growth opportunities!

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What Makes Us Different From Other Companies | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Have you ever been ripped off by a plumbing SEO service company? With so many businesses out in the market, separating the wheat from the chaff can be a tough challenge. Today, Nolen and Jason talk about how to separate shady web companies from legitimate SEO services. They’ll also explain the differences between our team at Plumbing Webmasters and other digital marketing services. Listen in and check out our guide below, especially if you’ve been frustrated by web companies in the past!

Key Points to Listen For

  • SEO results usually take a few months after starting out.
  • Some SEO service companies use deceptive metrics.
  • Mixed-match online solutions often produce poor results.
  • Pretty websites don’t always perform.

Finding Your SEO Service Company

So you want to take your budding plumbing business online and pursue new clients? Great! Now you just need to find a dependable SEO service company to guide your digital marketing strategy. There’s just one question:

Who do you trust with your company’s online development?

Finding your perfect online marketing partner isn’t as simple as Google searching “SEO for Plumbers” and picking the first organic result. Admittedly, the Plumbing Webmasters team would be very happy if you did, but that’s besides the point. With multiple quality solutions available on the market, and a long list of poorly performing services, you’ll need to do some careful research.

SEO Service Qualities to Investigate

  • Familiarity with your service industry
  • Content writing quality
  • A service’s own SEO rankings
  • Typical time requirements (production & search results)
  • Pricing and results policies
The Webmasters Showing Up as a Top SEO Service Company

It’s Smart to Examine Multiple Top Companies, Including Their Reviews, Pricing, and Included Services.

As you cultivate a list of potential prospects, you’ll inevitably come across both winners and losers. Examine each solution carefully, especially when it comes to included services and promised results. Below we’ll explore some of the crucial qualities to hunt for in your SEO service company, and which ones to avoid like the plague! 

Hunt for These Qualities

Great Qualities in Your SEO Service Company

Look for the same qualities that Google demands from its listed companies: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T, for short). Try to cultivate a list of at least 5 premium candidates for your plumbing SEO service company. Here’s what those characteristics may look like for such a business:

  • Expertise: Years in Business; Certifications; High Search Rankings
  • Authoritativeness: Extensive Content Production (blogs, videos)
  • Trustworthiness: Great, Uncensored Reviews; Listings in BBB

This certainly isn’t an exclusive list. The team you want heading up your plumbing SEO should at least be able to rank in the front page of their own primary keywords. Also, you should desire a company that shows clear knowledge of the search industry in their writing. Finally, great companies crave transparency. They’ll happily show you all their reviews, both positive and negative.

Avoid These Red Flags

Red Flags For Plumber SEO

Reducing your negative options is just as important as collecting your top 5. For this, you’ll need a list of serious red flags that should automatically disqualify (or at least devalue) potential candidates for your plumbing SEO service company.

Avoid These at All Costs

  • Intentionally deceptive or misleading claims
  • Salesmen that try to exploit your inexperience with SEO
  • Overly narrow marketing services
  • Companies with no reviews in search or on their website
  • Businesses that don’t rank well themselves
  • SEO service companies that don’t understand plumbing
  • Services that guarantee immediate results

All business relationships must grow from a foundation of trust. Misleading or deceptive online companies are not worth your time or your money. The same can be said for underperforming digital marketing businesses (or “specialists”) that can’t prove their own capabilities. Finally, try to stick with candidates that already work plumbing companies like yours. It makes a difference!

Setting Your Expectations

One of the most destructive forces in a business relationship is failed expectations. With that being said, reasonable goal-setting both drives your plumber SEO company towards quality results and protects your business from wasted investments. Unfortunately, most plumbing contractors haven’t been trained on how to gauge success in online marketing. This leaves plenty of opportunity for unreasonable expectations to take root.

Dangerous Fallacies for Plumbing SEO

  • #1: “Search engine optimization produces results practically overnight!”
  • #2: “Search engine optimization requires at least a year to take effect.”
  • #3: “This single service can produce lasting benefits for your SEO.”
  • #4: “Our team guarantees immediate results.”
  • #5: “Our team ensures front page rankings for all your chosen keywords.”
  • #6: “Anyone can handle their own SEO plan, website development, etc..”

At Plumbing Webmasters, we’ve seen these lies cost businesses thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in wasted investments. Let’s undo each of these falsehoods right here.

Google Analytics Results From Our SEO Service Company

SEO Naturally Fluctuates, Which is Why it Pays to Create Logical Expectations Early On.

Reasonable Expectations for Plumbing SEO

  • #1 & #2: Most business see significant results after 2 to 3 months.
  • #3: Optimizing for search requires hundreds of small changes that no single solution provides.
  • #4: Even Google doesn’t guarantee results, and your marketing team isn’t Google.
  • #5: Front page local ranking is a reasonable expectation for some keywords, not all of them.
  • #6: Few plumbing contractors have the required talent pool for handling pro-level SEO.

How to Measure Your SEO Service Results

Don’t let these points discourage you from pursuing a fruitful partnership with a capable SEO service company. We simply wish to drive plumbers toward qualified, trustworthy businesses that can actually provide lasting results. To gauge these results, you’ll need sophisticated metrics for your SEO strategy. There are numerous metrics your business can examine for success.

How to Measure Success

  • Localized keyword rankings (primary and secondary)
  • Site traffic improvements
  • Lead call, email, and/or text volume
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Heavier page engagement
  • and More

How can a business that is just starting out get a hold of these measurements? Unfortunately, there may not be enough data initially to track most of site related activity. However, there are still ways to track SEO progress. During lead calls, talk with your potential clients about how they found your services. If they answer “I saw your website.”, you’ll know you’ve found a winning company.

Of course, you can also track your keyword ranking improvements through the Incognito Search function in Google. Since these don’t track your browsing history, you’ll get more accurate results when you test local keywords to see if your brand is ranking. If your marketing company created a new business website for you, you’ll be able to start tracking results within a few months via Google’s Search Console and Analytics.

Team Up With the Plumbing Webmasters!

At the Plumbing Webmasters, we consistent and measurable results for our clients. Our plumbing contractors dominate the ranks in their local search results, often for hundreds of keywords. This naturally produces better site traffic, stronger engagement, and higher quality leads. Of course, we invite you to check out our reviews and see if they back up our claims.

If your plumbing company struggles with online search marketing, or if you’ve just entered the industry, we can help! Consult with one of our seasoned SEO veterans (for free) about your goals, and see if our business could be the right fit. You’ll quickly find why plumbers and many other service professionals choose us as their trusted SEO service company!

Simply call (877) 388-9884 to get started.

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Reputation Management | The Plumbing SEO Podcast

Reputation management encompasses multiple aspects of your plumbing company marketing, including reviews, content creation, and social media. In today’s podcast, Jason and Nolen dig into the subject and explore how plumbing contractors can make their reviews, service pages, and city pages work much harder for their businesses. If you’ve been struggling to improve your local rankings, even if your company has plenty of reviews, be sure to listen in! Be on the Lookout for These Key Points
  • Do reviews alone improve my local search engine rankings?
  • Should new plumbers focus on reputation management or social media marketing?
  • Is there a way to coordinate reviews across different platforms?
  • Are city pages worthwhile?

Managing Your Company Reputation

In a way, reputation management revolves more around the perception of your plumbing company than anything else. Along with the obvious consumer perceptions created through reviews, your site’s graphic design, and navigation, there’s another crucial aspect that all too many plumbers forget about. How does Google perceive your business? In the past, we’ve talked about the crucial E-A-T factors: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. When Google spiders (re-examines) an existing plumbing contractor website, it attempts to identify data elements that show your site, content creators, and business possesses these qualities. Where Google Looks for E-A-T Factors
  • For Expertise: Content creator bios, content organization and quality.
  • For Authoritativeness: Content, creator bios, reference sites, keywords, & web design.
  • For Trustworthiness: Reviews, geo-tags, check-ins, images, navigation, and link profiles.
These character traits impact both Google and customer perception of your business. Of course, that also means you can expect two-fold benefits when you nail all three elements! Below, we’ll dig into three of the most crucial aspects of reputation management.


Review Management

Reviews can make or break a plumbing business. While almost any plumber could tell you they need reviews, many don’t know how to collect them effectively or what to do with them once reviews start pouring in. While they certainly contribute to a company’s perceived trustworthiness, reviews don’t automatically cause your site to rank higher on google So how can you get the greatest value from your customer testimonies and all those 5 star ratings? First, make sure your reviews come from a variety of sources. In other words, don’t put your eggs exclusively in Google Reviews, Facebook, or Angie’s List. While Google once prioritized recommendations through their own platform, the search engine now prefers a more diverse collection from multiple sources. Second, be sure to take time to display customer reviews inside of your website! Not only does this please Google, but potential customers will also feel more confident about using your services. It may take a bit of research to find a widget that presents reviews in the way matches your tastes. At the Plumbing Webmasters, our team actually uses our own special platform called Righteous Reviews which convenient pulls recommendations from Facebook, Google, and other top providers.

Website Optimization

Site Optimization – Navigation & Service Structure

Continued site optimization also impacts your reputation management. After all, few things affect a customer’s first impression of your company than your website design. Will they have a convenient time of browsing your services when they land on your homepage, or will they get frustrated and leave? We’ve encountered so many plumbers over the years who ask why their site isn’t performing well, only for for our experts to learn their design was creating a terrible user experience. Simplistic, concise navigation makes for the best visitor interaction. That’s why many of the most successful plumbing contractor websites simply rely on a few service categories to showcase their work. This simplistic navigation also makes it easy for Google to explore your website and identify your key services.

Content Dev

Content Creation

Of course, professional content also impacts your company’s reputation too! Not only does the quality of the material affect Google’s perception of your business, the quantity affects your ratings as well. Companies that release new content on a regular basis tend to earn better rankings in the long run. What Types of Content Can You Use?
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Guides
  • Infographics
  • and More!
A Review That's Been Geo-Tagged

Geo-Tagged Reviews Shows Proof of Your Service Around the Community.

Two Ways to Enhance Reputation & Rank Up

As we’ve mentioned before, our team at the Plumbing Webmasters utilizes our own in-house tool to collect reviews. Righteous Reviews allows customers to leave reviews for their preferred platform (Google, Facebook, etc.) directly on a client’s website. It also collects reviews left on those platforms and citation services. While that cross-platform functionality certainly offers convenient reputation management, the really exciting benefit of Righteous Reviews is geo-tagging! When a customer receives a request for a review (usually via text), their submission gets tagged on Google Maps without revealing their exact address. Google loves this input, and ranks up websites that display them. Our reviews platform also allows plumbing professionals to check-in on a job site, provide a tag of the service they’ve provided, and even post pictures of the work they completed. Again, this information gets geo-tagged in Google Maps and displayed on that client’s related service page and city page. Even if each plumbing truck only checks in a few times a day, that leads to dozens of checkins within a single week! This provides extremely visible proof of your activity to Google, and the search engine greatly rewards the effort.
An Example of Reputation Management Through Service Check-ins

Google Loves to See Geo-Tags of Your Company’s Activity Around the Community!

If you’d like to learn more about the processes behind reputation management, or if you’d like additional details about how Righteous Reviews can help your business, give us a call at (877) 388-9884. At Plumbing Webmasters, our clients regularly dominate the rankings in local search! They earn higher traffic volume, stronger user engagement, and better lead generation. We’d love to partner with your plumbing business too.

Resources For Additional Information

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